3 Ways To Unlock Your Passion

Passion seems to be the buzz word of this time, especially when you are working for a company. However, many people complain that they don’t really have a passion, or that they lost it a long time ago. Others say that they are desperately seeking to find their passion. This seems to imply that passion can get lost or that you need to search for it.

But, what if passion is always there, and you just (temporarily) covered it up?

Passion is the Core Essence of Your Being 

One day, when I was working in my Crimson Circle office,  I was listening to the recordings of a workshop that the company had organized in Helsinki in 2007. The recordings had been stored away and there was no intention to publish them. The channels were about passion and I clearly remember, still today, how inspiring they were. To make a long story short, it was decided to repeat the workshop in Mallorca and in Denver, after which the material was published as a self study course: Discovering Your Passion.

One of the things that was emphasized in the channels is that passion is part of our core divine being. It is natural to feel passionate, it is unnatural not to. In other words, passion is everywhere, always, unless we cover it up. Tobias put it this way: “The passion is such an interwoven part of your soul. They cannot be separated, torn apart. They are tied together in a beautiful fabric that creates reality as you know it”.

Passion Can Be Expressed in Anything

We typically say that we are passionate about particular things, like cooking, our work, hiking or collecting certain things. But if passion is the core of your being it can be expressed in anything you do, in cleaning the house, feeding the dogs, driving to work, grocery shopping, whatever.

In the Mallorca workshop, Tobias used me as an example and told the audience about the passion that I express through the financial reports that I created. Can you imagine being passionate about Excel spreadsheets? I can, and I am passionate about bookkeeping too and risk management, banking, wine, good food, driving a car and… you probably get my drift, I am passionate about life itself and I love to share that with you so you can feel the same.

So, how can you unlock that feeling of passion?

3 Ways to Unlock Your Passion

Typically people would advise you to take a hobby or something to express and feel more passionate again. I would like you to consider the following more broader things that you can do.

1. Remove self imposed restrictions.
How often do you feel the desire to do something only to hear yourself say I cannot or I shouldn’t? Become aware of any restrictions that you put on yourself and that limit the ways in which you want to express yourself and then consciously choose to remove them. For example, I used to allow the opinion of others to direct my choices and too often they advised me not to do something because of…(you can easily fill in the blanks and perhaps recognize this in your own life). Without knowing I adopted all these restrictions and made them my own. For example: I cannot travel so often (which I love) because then I will neglect my children… I became very aware of this and no longer allowed that to influence my decisions;

2. Release or relax your “I have to’s”.
Just consider for a moment all the things that you think you have to do and what impact they have on how you feel. Do you recognize these examples: I have to be in the office on time because otherwise…, I have to do this because otherwise…, I must exercise 5 times a week because…Just feel this for a second, are these expressions of passion? Or are they just things that are part of your programming and create unnecessary stress? Just for the fun of it, make a list of all the things that you think you have to do and then review if you cannot let them go;

3. Connect with your passion through conscious breathing.
Breathing is a wonderful and powerful tool to help us connect with that core feeling of passion. I use it often when I feel I am losing that connection. All it takes is to be more aware of those moments, take a deep breath, a really deep breath and reestablish that connection. In the beginning you may need a little bit more time to do this but why not start and try today? Just sit quietly by yourself, put on some relaxing music, take some deep breaths and allow yourself to feel the passion within you. Just feel and allow.

Belief me, after some practice with these three simple things you will start to feel that passion inside you getting bigger and bigger and then…whooah! You want to know how that feels? Have a look at this short clip “Living with passion” with Abraham Hicks and music from Chicane:

Did you feel the the music, the energy and the passion in this clip? Just imagine that you could feel that way all the time and you can, if you allow it!

There are no doubt other things that you can do to help you unlock your passion, so please share with us your ideas and the practices that made you feel passionate again.

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