4 Practices to Experience Your Reality More Positively

Last week, while chatting with the car repair shop receptionist who brought me home, something interesting occurred. It appeared that we had a completely different perception of how good the summer had been. According to me it was the best and longest summer in decades, she insisted however that we only had a few weeks of sunshine and warm weather. Who was right? And, more interestingly, is it possible to experience reality in a more positive way if you can have different perceptions of what is happening?

Reality is perception

Most people will say, when listening to this weather discussion, look at the data of the Dutch weather institute and the statistics will show you how good the summer was. That is certainly one way of looking at things. It assumes that reality is objective and factual. But is it?

For ages spiritual teachers told us that our reality is an illusion and that we ourselves create the reality that we experience (through the law of attraction). Reality is like a dream state they say, but more convincing, more tangible and “real” than the dream state. Perhaps it is good to pause here for a second and to ask yourself: how do you experience reality? Do you think it is objective and factual? Are things just randomly happening to you or are you at some level creating the circumstances that you experience?

Interestingly enough, science, to be more precise quantum physics, is now confirming what spiritual teachers have told us all along. Just have a look at the following video clip: The Observer Effect (3:57)

How do you feel about reality now? Is it still factual and objective or is it subjective and flexible? If you still have doubts, which would be totally normal, and want to explore this topic some more, you may find this video clip interesting:

The perception of reality can be changed

Now back to our weather discussion. The receptionist and I were exposed to the same circumstances, the number of sunny days during the summer, but we had a totally different perception, or appreciation, of what we experienced. And herein lies the key in how you can change the experience of your everyday life. Isn’t that neat? Can you see the potential?

4 practices to experience reality more positively

Let me share with you what I practice to change my reality into a more positive experience. If you would like to do the same choose whatever feels good and natural to you.

1. Focus on the things that make you feel good.
One of the simple things you can start practicing, from the moment you read this, is to shift your focus from the things that make you feel bad or negative to things that make you feel good. For example, when I am in a traffic jam instead of focusing on the stress, the noise and frustration, I shift my focus to the nice music that I hear on the radio, or the beautiful tree that I see outside, or the architecture of the buildings around me, or the interesting design details of the cars in front of me. Or, I take this time to practice conscious breathing. I am not denying what is happening at that moment, but I am choosing to focus on what I like to experience in that moment;

2. Reduce your exposure to negative influences.
What do you think happens when you surround yourself with people, media and other influences that bombard you with negative things? Exactly, they will make you feel less positive and create a negative image of your reality. Instead of hanging out with people that always complain and criticize, why not try to be more with people that are positive and uplifting? The same with media. Why spend time watching TV reports or read newspaper articles about child abuse, financial crisis and natural disasters?;

3. Be more present in the now.
One of the things that had a huge positive impact on me was to become much more present in the now moment. Usually our mind wanders off into the past or into the future, coming up with all kinds of problems. Did I do this correctly? Shouldn’t I have done something different? What will my wife, friend, dad or boss think of me? Will I still have a job? Will (s)he still love me? Will I have enough money? In a way all these (negative) thoughts influence how you experience your reality. When you focus more on the now, this mind activity will start to slow down and as a consequence and in a natural way, you will start to experience your reality in a more positive way;

4. See different levels, aspects or potentials in situations.
When you are confronted with situations that make you feel bad, sad, anxious or fearful, just take a deep breath and try to see the different levels or aspects in what is happening. An example: someone who is dear to you passes away. Obviously you will experience grief, but you may also celebrate a spirit who has completed an incarnation and is returning to its more natural state. You may see the tremendous natural and economic disaster that an oil spill like BP’s is causing, but at the same time you may also see the potential this incident has for structural changes in human behavior and the search for renewable energy solutions. You may experience the negative effects of an accident, only to realize that it also provides you with the necessary motivation and energy to change something in your life that you desired, but couldn’t realize before.

No doubt there are more things that you can do to experience your reality in a more positive way. If something worked for you feel free to share it with the readers. And, if you applied one or more of the practices that I mentioned here, let me know if and how it worked for you. Finally, if you want to explore this theme some more, you may be interested to download my free eCourse, Understanding & Changing Your Reality (2609 downloads) .

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2 Responses to 4 Practices to Experience Your Reality More Positively

  1. Jeri Kotulik says:

    These articles just get better and better….Thanks..

  2. Floor Hennekes says:

    Dear Jan,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, also in this format. I fully agree to this approach and experienced the strength. Being present in the now and focusing on your breath as your own personal anchor provides balance and definitely a positive experience of reality (there is no other reality than the now, but yet too often we get distracted). As another example: after my children were born, both times I felt reluctant to consume all the dreadful stories in newspapers and on television. I simply decided not to bother myself with all that information and concentrated for quite some time on the smaller amazing world with my children. As a matter of fact I still limit the amount and content of information I consume.

    Until we ‘meet’ again, take care,


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