Do You Measure Up, Spiritually?

This week, I accepted an interim job as head of risk management at a large financial services company. Now, I can already hear some people think, Jan, with all your spiritual engagement and the work that you did with the Crimson Circle, how can you go back to something that is so far removed from the spiritual world? Well, is it?

We often measure the degree of spirituality in our life

We all have, yes including me, explicitly or implicitly “measured” the spiritual level of activities in our life. Let me give you some examples of the typical things that are said: my partner is not as spiritual as I am, or I want to do something that is more spiritual, or this company is more spiritual than that company. Recognize these examples? Even at the Crimson Circle we would talk about “old” and “new” energy, implying that new was better, more evolved, which it wasn’t, it was just different, but that’s what we often made of it. I can still hear myself and others saying; oh, that is soooo old energy….

A funny example, at least I think it is (no offense), is this article about measuring the spiritual level of people that contains a detailed scale of spirituality where 20%  represents the average person, the 70% level means that you are a Guru and 100% means that you are merging with God for eternal bliss. I have seen similar scales being developed to measure the spiritual level of organizations.

Measuring spirituality creates judgment and illusion

What I see typically happen as a consequence of this, is that individuals, who say that they are (more) “spiritual”, start judging other people and the environment in which they live. They want to end certain relationships or leave their job, because it is not “spiritual” enough.

This leads to all kinds of illusions. For example, some people think that working for a more “spiritually advanced” organization would no longer present them with “mundane” challenges. Let me tell you, at the Crimson Circle company, which is organizing spiritual events and workshops and has 300 teachers in over 25 countries, I encountered the same issues as in any other company I worked for. For some employees this was a big disappointment. At the same time, I have worked for companies, which wouldn’t necessarily label themselves as “spiritual”, but which had created a very inspiring and supportive work environment for their employees.

Everything is spiritual

Distinguishing between a spiritual part and a non-spiritual part (e.g. work) of your life is artificial, as everything you do is spiritual in nature. How can it not be, you are a spiritual being to begin with; it is your essence. Rob Bell puts it very succinct in this short video clip (1:48):

After watching this video clip, do you still feel you can separate the spiritual and non-spiritual in your life? If you would no longer do that, what would change? Just think about that for a minute. In my case it created an opening of my energy and brought me new potentials because I would no longer exclude certain possibilities.

The world is a spiritual playground

If everything is spiritual, then the world we live in is one big spiritual “playground” that enables us to experience, learn and expand our consciousness. We do this by playing numerous “roles” and create a variety of different situations in order to help us gain more understanding of ourselves.

While we are playing, we each follow our own path. Each path is different, but appropriate and perfect for that individual. The only difference is that some people are more aware of this than others.

Dropping the distinction between spiritual and non-spiritual has relaxed a lot of things in my life. I can now fully concentrate on expressing my passion and enjoying myself, like with this risk management job. Why not do the same in your life and start to enjoy the playing?

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One Response to Do You Measure Up, Spiritually?

  1. Reinis says:

    I agree -- it’s our attitude, our perception that makes anything ‘new’ or ‘old’ energy, good or bad, right or wrong, glass half-full or half-empty.

    Then again, it takes a level of awareness to realize that. Let me explain.

    Part of our Hero’s Journey is venturing out into the unknown world to search for ‘the truth’, leaving behind the old world. As we venture further (or deeper within ourselves), we realize that everything was always within us. And now we’re ready to return to the ordinary world, but with new insights.

    Thus, it may take leaving the ‘old and materialistic’ company and search for a ‘spiritual company’, to realize that it’s no the company, it’s you who makes it materialistic or spiritual. And then we can work anywhere we choose and make it ‘new energy and spiritual’.

    I’ve even written an article about it -- The Outward & the Inward Journey (if I may):

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