How To Evaluate Channeled Information?

Are you having difficulties to discern what a good channel is? Having had any bad experiences? Did somebody recommend some channeled information and you were completely turned of by it and you wondered why?

Let me try to shed some light on this subject for you.

Everybody Can Channel

Channeling, although considered by many as a special gift, is actually something that can be learned by everybody. Many channelers offer channeling workshops and there are also a number of books that teach you how to channel. One example is the channeling workshop given by Darryl Anka, who channels Bashar. A book on channeling that I read myself and is highly rated by readers, is Opening to Channelby Sanaya Roman, who is channeling Orin.

I have actually attended a channeling workshop myself, with the Crimson Circle, and I was amazed to see how 160 people, including myself, were successfully taught to channel in three days (at a basic level of course).

You Have Probably Channeled Also

In my own experience I would describe channeling as: the natural and unfiltered flow of communication through words, music, painting or whatever form of expression. I experienced this the first time in a conscious way, when I was attending a channeled session with Tobias and we were all invited to say something. I initially felt a big blockage in my throat and a lot of emotion and tears came up before I could speak. But once this was cleared the words were just flowing and at some level I was aware that I was channeling.

You yourself have probably channeled too, without knowing it. Have you ever experienced one of those moments when all of a sudden you had an inspiring idea? Or, when you were talking with someone, or in a group, and you really got into the conversation and the words came out of your mouth automatically, without thinking, and afterwards you were impressed with the passion or wisdom of what you said? At those moments you were “channeling”. Channeling is basically nothing else than to open yourself up and, without thinking, “translate” the energies or messages that you become aware of.

If you are interested to find out more about channeling and its history, I recommend this introduction by Paul M. Helfrich:  “An Integral Overview of Channeling” (9 pages).

Difference in Channeling Clarity and Source

Although channeling can be learned by everyone, there are different levels of quality or clarity when it comes to channeling. It is almost unavoidable that the information, which is being channeled, is influenced to a certain degree by the personality and experience of the channeler. A good channeler is able to minimize his ego interference.

There are also different energies that can be channeled. In the Crimson Circle Aspectology School there is one session where Geoff, the channeler, is channeling Dark Energy. When he was channeling this session during a school in Romania, many people in the audience initially believed that he was channeling one of the “good guys”.

Which brings us to the best way to evaluate the information that is being channeled.

Feeling the Energy of the Information

The best way to evaluate channeled information is to feel into its energy, its essence. Does it feel loving, inspiring, uplifting to you? Do you feel a certain resonance with the information? Does it make intuitive sense? In that case, the channeled information is probably relevant and useful for you. If you don’t feel this resonance you can put the information aside, it’s probably not meant for you.

One thing that I would like to emphasize here is the fact that channeling is sometimes used to manipulate the audience. Nothing new, but the best way again, is to feel into the energy. You will sense that something is going on and in such case always trust your own feeling about it, whatever other people say to you.

Same Information, Different Appeal

The important point to make and understand here is that evaluating channeled information is subjective. That explains why certain people feel attracted, inspired or a resonance with certain channels and their information, while others don’t when exposed to exactly the same information. This has to do with different levels of consciousness and not with good or bad information necessarily. So next time you are wondering if certain channeled information is useful and relevant for you, go into your feelings.

Please feel free to share with me your experiences and thoughts about evaluating channeled information.

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3 Responses to How To Evaluate Channeled Information?

  1. Jeri Kotulik says:

    Same information different appeal….Excellent point…Keep writing…I am personally enjoying every word….You have found your gift…

  2. This information is so important and I translated into Portuguese and I introduced your work to answer a Shaumbra friend from Brazil who was asking my opinion about a channeling he found on Internet. Your blog brings me so much inspiration. Thank you for inspire the consciousness!

  3. I really love and appreciate your weekly Spiritual Coach and your Blog! Somehow I always find the right topics which were just crossing my life, interesting synchs and interestingly in synch 🙂 This information on how to evaluate channeled information was really needed as it also encourages everybody not to push away their own “sometimes crazy and faszinating” channeling experiences! I also loved the Mooji Video as it really pulls in huge ways the veil up into thin air !!! Many many thanks!

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