Turning Problems into Opportunities

How often do you wonder why you have these difficulties in your life? Is it bad karma? Did you do something wrong in a previous lifetime and now have to pay for it? Or, do you feel a victim? Someone who’s parade is always rained upon? Feeling that everybody is against you?

In corporate life I was often told to label problems as challenges, to consider them as opportunities, to give it a positive spin. In a way this is very good advice, it changes the energy, right?

But, could you shift the energy for your personal problems and define them as opportunities? Take a moment here and consider the biggest problem you currently have in your life, e.g. a financial issue, or a health problem or perhaps a crisis in your relationship. Just pick the biggest. Can you see the opportunity it presents to you? If not, you may want to read on and consider looking differently at your problems.

Why Problems Occur in Our Life

Have you ever heard someone telling you how much they learned, in hindsight, from a crisis in their life? One of the biggest challenges I had was many years ago when I discovered that my wife had an affair. At the time I was very busy with my work and was travelling a lot and I didn’t have a clue of what was going on. It devastated me and  I decided to move to our beach house, which we still had at the time. It was a very difficult and emotional period, for both of us and for the children, who were still very young.

In the time that I lived separately I had plenty of time to reflect on the relationship, but also on my life. One of the things that I concluded was that I was not really living, it was only work, work, work. I decided to change things and started to see people, go to concerts and movies and got more relaxed with my work. I even dated another woman for a while and it was great fun. In the end, my wife and I came together again. We both had learned a great deal and had definitely grown. So in hindsight, this crisis offered me and my wife, many opportunities for growth and we both learned a lot about ourselves.

In one of his Satsang’s, in November 2009, Mooji discusses the purpose of problems in our life in a very clear and compassionate way:

How do you feel after watching this clip? Do you resonate with what Mooji is saying, or do you feel resistance? If you feel resistance, why? Take a moment here to pause, breath and observe. Please remember, this is not about being right or wrong, it is about offering different perspectives.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

In his article “Do You See Blessings in Your Challenges, Jonathan Wells suggests to ask yourself the following 5 questions to help you shift the energy and turn problems into opportunities:

1. What can I learn from this?
2. How can this strengthen me?
3. How can I use this to my advantage?
4. How can I use this to help others?
5. What would make this a worthwhile experience?    

These questions will no doubt help you put things in a different perspective.

Please feel free to share your comments and experiences.

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