You Can Be Free Today

There are many beliefs, teachings and dogma’s regarding our spiritual journey and ascension. In the viddeo below Mooji is sharing with us some interesting observations and insights he has about this. However, before you watch the video clip, please take a moment here to reflect on your own beliefs. What are your ideas about the spiritual journey and ascension?

  • Do you need to reach a certain level of spiritual “perfection” before you can become “enlightened”?
  • Do you need to go through an endless series of lessons and challenges before you can graduate and ascend from this life?
  • Do you feel that you still need to learn more? If so, what?
  • Where do these ideas and beliefs come from in the first place? Books you read? Channels you listened too? Guru’s? Your inner voice? And, is that voice coming from your mind or from your heart?

Please take a few deep breaths and then enjoy this clip.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

Mooji claims that you can be free today, in fact, that you are already free, but you just don’t acknowledge it and continue to “play in the forest of existence”. In the DreamWalker Ascension School (click for the introduction video) of the Crimson Circle, Adamus Saint Germain says that we have already ascended and our journey is about becoming aware of that. Both seem to make the same point.

How do you feel about this? Do you feel a resonance with the words of Mooji and Adamus?Can you observe a difference between what your mind or intellect tells you and what your gut feel is telling you?

Please be ware that this is not a matter of being right or wrong. This is about becoming aware of your beliefs, their origins and the opening of yourself to different ideas and insights.

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