Feeling Abundant in 2 Little Steps

How can I feel abundant with all the problems I have?” you may ask. “I don’t have any money and feeling abundant is the last thing I am capable of!” Well, are you ready to accept my challenge? It doesn’t cost you anything, it only requires a few minutes of your time and some breathing.

You want to try it? Alright, let’s do this.

Step 1: become fully present in the now

Take a few deep breaths while you read this. Just relax your shoulders, your arms, your legs, your whole body. Become very aware of your breathing, inhaling, exhaling. Just observe the rhythm of your breathing.

When you hear any noises outside just allow them to be. Don’t feel annoyed or irritated. Just continue to observe your breathing, in and out. Perhaps you want to take a few good deep breaths and slowly exhale. Just enjoy this experience.

If some thoughts are distracting you, no problem. Allow them to be for what they are, just thoughts. Observe them but don’t identify yourself with them. Imagine them as clouds and with every exhale you provide them with the energy to move along.

Just continue to breath in and out and enjoy this state of being. How do you feel now? Relaxed? If you find it hard to relax, you may consider putting on some soothing music. Something you always enjoy listening to. There is nothing wrong if you need a little music to relax. The most important thing is to relax and just be present.

Step 2: remember a moment when you received something special

Once you feel relaxed, just go to a moment in your life when you received something that really excited you. Perhaps it was a beautiful gift for Christmas, or the first car that you bought and picked up at the dealership. Perhaps it was an engagement ring from your friend, or your very first pay check. Or, perhaps it was a wonderful home that you bought or rented, can you remember the very first time you entered the house and felt this incredible excitement? Take any memory of something that you received and felt excited about, small or large it doesn’t matter, it’s the feeling that matters.

Now expand this feeling of excitement that you experienced and make it as big as you can. With every inhale of your breath allow this feeling to grow bigger and bigger until it completely fills your being.

You just made yourself feel abundant, just like that, without any money. Simple huh?

I can already hear you say, “but this isn’t real!” Well isn’t it? If you can simply change your vibration into feeling abundant isn’t that feeling real as well? If you can recreate this feeling at any moment in time, isn’t that part of your reality then? If you still find this hard to accept that’s okay, but you may want to read my post about “redefining abundance” and consider any limiting beliefs that you have about abundance.

Tip: you may want to repeat this exercise on a regular basis and then observe what happens. And, if you still find it a little difficult to create this feeling by yourself, perhaps this short guided meditation with Deepak Chopra (2:43) will help you get in the right mood.

Please feel free to share your experiences with this meditation or the exercise.

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