Redefining Abundance

What makes you feel abundant? A million in the bank? A big villa in the country side and three penthouses in Paris, London and New York? Four Ferrari’s? A yacht? A private plane? Be honest, what would make you feel abundant?

During the financial crisis I noticed some remarkable events that illustrated that abundance has very little to do with wealth. One of the sad but also intriguing stories that caught my attention was the one about a German billionaire, who committed suicide after his financial empire was struck by the crisis.

Through my own experiences, which I described in  Choosing For You (1840 downloads) , I discovered that abundance is a certain feeling you have while wealth and money is about numbers. This makes it easier to understand that you can actually feel abundant while not having any money. I also observed that often our needs are not satisfied through money, but through other things, e.g. gifts and unexpected events.

In the following channel (6:13), Bashar explains abundance in their own and unique way.

Questions You May Want to Reflect On

  1. How do you feel about abundance now after watching this video clip? Can you relate to Bashar’s definition of abundance?
  2. Bashar acknowledges the limiting beliefs we have about abundance and money and how it often interferes in our ability to feel abundant. In that regard Bashar is emphasizing the importance of allowing things to flow into our life, creating a feeling of abundance, without diminishing them by our definitions or expectations. Consider the following example. Suppose your car broke down and you need transportation to get to work. You have no money and you ask spirit to bring you a new car. Would you feel disappointed if instead of manifesting a brand new Porsche, spirit is sending you a small, used car? Or, how would you feel if instead of a car, spirit sends you someone who offers to pick you up every day and drive you to the office? Be honest.
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