The BP Oil Spill: Choosing Your Perspective

Do you remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? It already feels like a long time ago doesn’t it? But, do you realize that’s it is only a month ago that the well was officially declared “dead”? That’s the effect you experience when something is no longer in the daily news.

Another effect is perhaps that you feel differently now about its impact then when you saw the pictures every day on your TV. But, leaving that effect aside, how would you qualify this event? Pretty bad, huh? Now, could you see this event also as something positive? Just take a moment and try.

Chances are that when you think about its impact on marine life, the ecosystem, the local economy and the companies involved (e.g. BP), you cannot see anything positive. But, does that mean there is only negative? Please, allow me to show you some other perspectives on this disaster.

Rick Fahr’s perspective

Rick Fahr, in his blog post Positive Effects of BP Oil Spill, wrote: “With the cascade of suffering along the Gulf Coast — and the near certainty of more on the way — there isn’t a lot of good news from the BP oil spill. Maybe there is one tangible positive that can come of this tragedy, though. We might not see a better example of why we should shift our national energy policy from fossil fuels to 21st century energy sources. Only after some wakeup call do we ever take important steps”.

What do think of Rick’s perspective? Can you see how this disaster can potentially trigger a change in the US policy regarding alternative energy?

Bashar’s perspective

Let’s now listen to what Bashar has to tell about this disaster (3:51).

How do you feel about Bashar interpretation and meaning of the oil spill? Can you see it as a blessing as Bashar suggests? Can you consider a disaster as a catalyst for positive change, potentially on a worldwide scale?

Your perspective is a matter of choice

You have been offered different perspectives on the same disaster. But what is really important here is your own perspective. And that is a matter of choice. The most important thing to realize is that you always have a choice in how to perceive a situation, even if it is a disaster. Or, as Bashar puts it: every event is neutral in nature, until you assign a certain meaning to it…

Can you apply this “technique” of assigning positive meaning, to some “disaster” that you recently experienced in your personal life? Can you see the situation as a catalyst for positive change and your personal expansion and spiritual growth?

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