The Glorious Experience of Co-Creation

Many “spiritual” people find it difficult to interact with the outer world, which they perceive as harsh, insensitive and even treacherous. They find it easier to stay balanced by living a somewhat secluded life, using positive thoughts to manage their vibration and avoiding the things or people that upset or irritate them. This is definitely a way to enhance your experience, but it is also a rather narrow and limited way.

In this beautiful channel Abraham invites us to align ourselves with source in a much broader way because then we discover the true satisfaction and pleasure of life. Once you understand how to maintain your balance and positive vibration in the midst of anything you can co-create with anybody and then the fun really starts.

Please take a few, deep breaths before listening to this clip (5:27).

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. In which situations do you tend to lose your balance and positive energy?

2. What is your typical reaction in such situations? Walk away? Trying to change or fight it? Avoid it altogether?

3. Do you feel that this truly helps you? Or, do you feel it is limiting you? Be honest.

4. Why not try to respond differently next time, i.e. by allowing yourself to experience a situation that may upset or trouble you instead of avoiding or fighting it?

Just acknowledge that there are many different layers and sides to a situation and that you can chose whatever side you prefer. And, if you find this challenging, ask how your higher self would see this particular situation. Allow your higher consciousness to point out the different aspects and provide you with a positive feeling about it. Can you imagine how your life would be if nothing could take you out of alignment anymore?

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