What To Do When You Lose Your Appetite For Life

In the past few weeks I received several emails from people who told me that they don’t feel like living anymore. They lost their appetite for life so to speak. I have experienced such feelings myself several times in the past. When you go through such a period it is usually very intense and it is easy to understand that when you no longer see any purpose in your life you feel despair, doubt, become depressed or even suicidal.

So, let me share with you the 4 things that helped me regain my appetite and boy do I have a lust for life now.

1. Accept, trust and allow

The first thing to do is to accept that you are going through such a period and trust that there is nothing wrong with you. In my case these periods marked clear points of separation between different phases in my life and it is very natural when you complete one phase but not yet entered the next to experience strong feelings of doubt.

Such feeling can also result from a shift in your conscious. When that happens all of a sudden the things that used to be important for you lose their meaning. Again, this is very natural and just marks a transition period.

Whatever the case may be, allow these feelings to pass through you. Take it easy and relax. Be very aware and acknowledge your feelings and trust that a new and exciting phase will come if you so choose. During this period conscious breathing rather than thinking will help you best as it will move the energy and keeps you from feeling stuck.

2. Make a choice

When I experienced these periods I became very aware that in essence life is a choice. As a spiritual being you choose to reincarnate, although Adamus in the DreamWalker Death course mentions that most souls do so unconsciously, and you can also choose to “check out”. For most people this sounds really strange because of their belief systems, but when you feel into this it probably makes sense.

At a certain point you will become very aware, like I did, that you have to make a conscious choice whether to go to the exit of this amusement park called life or to continue walking around to check out some more of the wonderful attractions it is offering. And, if you don’t want to make a choice? Chances are that in such case you will continue to live your life but in some suspended state of being (like walking in the amusement park without entering any of the attractions).

3. Do something that you enjoy

Once you have made the choice to continue living, look for things that you enjoy doing, anything. Whether it is a project, work, a hobby, writing a blog:), gardening, cleaning your home, going out with friends, it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy it. Why? That’s simple, if you enjoy yourself, your energy will be open and receptive and you will start to attract new and positive things in your life without the need to force anything.

Even if at first it seems that nothing is changing or that the things you do may not lead to the results that you expected or hoped for, rest assured that new opportunities will present themselves and you will be fine eventually. Bashar explains how this works in more detail in the following video clip (9:26).

4. Live more in the now

Living in the now will help you to keep your mind from wandering between the past and the future, filling you with endless questions and thoughts about the purpose of your life and what to do next. When I started to live day by day, I became less and less concerned about this purpose and just enjoyed what I was doing. In addition, I noticed that by living in the now I could much more appreciate even the simple things I was experiencing, which in turn brought back this desire to live and this feeling has never left me since.

If you want to read more about my personal experience, you may find this article I wrote for the Crimson Circle newsletter of interest. And, please feel free to share with the readers your own experiences of losing your appetite for life and how you regained it by posting a comment.

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