3 Steps To Help You Release Fears

Have you ever felt reluctant to take on a new assignment or project because you feared you wouldn’t succeed? Or , decided not to follow a dream because your fears of what could go wrong were too strong? I did, several times.

One time, many years ago, I received  an invitation from a client to become his partner and successor in the movie distribution company he operated in Germany. The idea excited me very much but at the same time all kinds of fears came up,  e.g. that I would not be able to speak German well enough, that I would not be able to maintain the contacts with the movie companies and clients because I was an outsider, and the list went on and on. These fears started to overshadow my excitement, got the better of me and in the end I didn’t pursue the opportunity.

Since then, I learned to deal with my fears more effectively and I gladly share with you what helped me come to that point.

1.Understand fear for what it really is

It was not until I listened to Bashar, Mooji and Abraham that I started to understand fear for what it actually is, i.e. a feeling that indicates a misalignment between our human beliefs and what we truly are, i.e. divine beings. Before reading on you may find it helpful to listen to this clip (8:57) where Bashar is discussing fear in more detail.

How do you feel about your fears now? Can you see how they can serve you in a positive way?

2. Acknowledge and observe your fear

Usually we try to avoid our fears rather than face it. I learned however to create a space for it, to acknowledge the fear in my awareness. By simply doing so I already noticed that a shift would occur in the energy of my fears; they became less strong just by allowing them to come to the forefront and by observing them in a detached way.

What I also noticed is that our fears are usually linked to thoughts and beliefs about all the things that can go wrong. Real or imaginary, it doesn’t make a difference. With the partnership that was offered to me, my mind came up with all kinds of concerns, which actually were not related to real threats, but a reflection of the limiting beliefs I had about myself.

3. Release the limiting beliefs that cause your fear

Once you become aware of these limiting beliefs and the fears that are associated with them, you then have a choice to release them. Let me give you an example.

It happened to me not so long ago, when I was running low on money, that fear came up. I acknowledged this fear and became acutely aware of how a certain belief was preventing me from getting the flow of money back into my life. This belief had to do with my conviction that after having worked in the spiritual arena for several years I would not be able to enjoy working in the corporate world again. I chose to release this belief and in no time I was offered an interim job, which not only restored the flow of money but also brought me all kinds of exciting and new experiences.

I know that dealing with your fear is not always easy. It took me many years, but perhaps after listening to the following clip with Mooji (4:05), it will go much faster for you…

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3 Responses to 3 Steps To Help You Release Fears

  1. Bashars messages are cristal clear -like your site- but I would understand more. Your site does not give a problem. Listening to the English and at the same time translating is more difficult.
    Is there a technical possibillity to retard, like a slow motion film, but than special for translating his language in the same time he is speaking. I guess if he speaks slowly it is much better to recognise the words. Of course my English is particularly small.

    • Jan says:

      Thank you for your comment. I know it can be challenging sometimes to listen to these video clips, especially if English is not your native tongue. Except for using the play and stop button, I wouldn’t know how you could better identify the individual words. However, please bear in mind that Bashar and the other “entities” always remind us that we don’t need to be concerned about getting the exact details of their messages because the information is also being transmitted at an energy level, which our being can capture in different ways. So, next time when you are listening, just relax and feel into the channel and trust that whatever is important for you will not be missed.

  2. Thank you , I already knew this answer! I have to trust my inner guidance. You remember me again.

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