Forget About Enlightenment

In the spiritual tradition enlightenment, the ultimate goal, is usually associated with a long and difficult journey. A search that goes on for many, many years and lifetimes, bringing all kinds of challenges until that moment of bliss when you have attained so much knowledge and experience and you have lifted your vibration to such a high level, that you have become the perfect light and finally ascend.

Does this sound familiar to you?

But, if you feel into these words do you also sense some kind of heaviness? As if this enlightenment or ascension is almost unreachable? Impossible for ordinary humans? Take a moment here to reflect on your own thoughts and beliefs about enlightenment and ascension. Do you feel it is within your reach? What stands between you and this enlightenment? How much more do you think you have to learn and experience?

Let’s  listen now to this Satsang (8:41) with Mooji where he talks about enlightenment in a completely different way. Please take a few deep breaths before watching the clip.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. How do you feel about Mooji’s invitation, to forget about enlightenment?

2. Observe your thoughts about enlightenment, do you notice a shift after this Satsang?

3. Like so many other “spiritual seekers” I had certain stereotype ideas about enlightenment, until I attended the DreamWalker Ascension workshop of the Crimson Circle. In this workshop Adamus Saint Germain had the same message as Mooji: you are already “ascended,” you are now in the process of becoming aware of this, i.e. the awakening. In other words, as so many spiritual teachers have told us over eons of time, you are already perfect: You are God also!

Just feel into these words: …You…are… God… also.

How does that make you feel? Do you feel resistance? Where is that resistance coming from? Your mind? Just observe and then go back into your feeling. Let the words You are God also, play in your heart and feel its resonance.

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2 Responses to Forget About Enlightenment

  1. Actually this article has reinforced my idea about goals and agendas. It’s simpler than I could think of. Thank you…

  2. Reinis says:

    Exactly -- my Inner Being already is enlightened. Now, all I have to ‘do’ is become aware of my own enlightenment and allow it to express through me. There’s nothing I have to do, or know, or learn. But the journey will be as long as I need to allow myself to accept that I already am enlightened. And each spiritual truth I learn is my way of allowing myself to remember more who I really am. A ‘permission slip’, as Bashar calls them. 🙂

    And you’re absolutely right -- I had to let go of sooo much false premises about what enlightenment is and how it’s gonna come about. False premises that kept me from knowing that I’m already on the right path.

    I love the clarity in your writing, Jan! 🙂

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