Let It Be

In the past year I have launched several projects, including 2 websites, where I started to force things to get them off the ground. With 2Click Coaching & Consulting for example, where I deployed all kinds of “techniques” to attract customers, with only limited results. When looking for work, I put a lot of time and effort in it, even pushing people to get results, with very little success.

We have learned, already at a young age, that if you want to get things done you need to put pressure on yourself or others. Targets, deadlines, we all believe that they are necessary to achieve what we want. What about you? Are you using pressure and force to get things done? How does it work, do you get the results you want?

From my own experience I can tell that things really get moving if you are able to let go and stop interfering. In other words, to allow the “system” to take care of itself, sometimes in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. I know this is not easy because of everything we have learned, but that is why I invite you to listen to this short channel with Abraham (6:06), reminding all of us in a gentle way to just let things be and allow everything to unfold in a natural way.

Please take a few deep breaths and enjoy.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. Would you be able to allow for things to just unfold, at work or with your projects, without pushing? What would go wrong if you no longer force things?

2. What is the driver behind your pushing and forcing things? Is it a belief system you have? What other people may think of you if you don’t push? Or, is it the fear of failure?

Perhaps it is an idea to become more aware of those situations where you think you need to put pressure on things to achieve a certain goal and then make a conscious choice to step back and allow the “system” to organize itself and see what happens. To make this easy on yourself take small things or issues to begin with and then see what happens if you let go.

Please feel free to share your observations and experiences by using the comment link or box below.

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3 Responses to Let It Be

  1. There is a smooth magic happening, coming in, when you just let it happen, allowing the Divine Presence, the knowing field or however you like to call this beautifull intelligence all around and in us to take over the “Mystical Projectmanagement”. I have experienced this unfolding process myself with our “Cre(a)te Compassion Project”, a remote and synchronous meditation on the 5th of Dec. What has started as a very private meditation on the energies of Crete and Greece has unfolded into a Meditation for raised consciousness and to lightnetwork “rock around” our wonderfull, beautifull, loving earth!
    Indeed, there was no deadline only the voice of hearts, no management plan only inspiration, no controlling or evaluation only allowing the power of love to unfold. For me as an experienced projectmanager in common ways this experience has uplifted me and my mind above and beyond my previous ideas about what’s possible!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for sharing Gabriele. It is funny to experience the contrast between for example advanced project management methodologies and this simple art of allowing things to fall into place. Most people don’t trust this “spiritual methodology” or lose their patience when it takes a little longer than expected or hoped for. I remember one of my MBA Professors who was fascinated by this concept of synchronicity. He had encountered a number of cases where individuals were successful once they let go and didn’t try so hard. One example he told me was about a sales man who after a week of disappointing meetings with a number of prospects in another country had a chance meeting with a stranger in the hotel bar who ultimately became a very productive business partner. Life is even more fun once you let go. Warm greetings from snowy Holland.

      • Yes Jan, you are so right! Since I am on my way to open a consultancy for change management, personnel & organizational development I am going to challenge myself in choosing this “effortless” road. I am curious but also a bit anxious how things will click into place. As experienced, things greater and bigger, things beyond my imagination can happen….. as we all know :-)) Warm regards to snowy Holland from sunny Chania, where people were still swimming today under a blue sky with 26 degree, and our kids sang Christmas Carols at the Charity Christmas Bazar! Crazy lovely World!

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