Pitfalls of Manifestation

Have you ever wondered why you weren’t able to manifest the things in your life that you really desired? Or, when everything was going well and you thought you finally knew how to pull the strings of life, that all of a sudden the flow seemed to stop and you ran into one problem after another?

Many people believe or hope that once they master the Law of Attraction it will only be smooth sailing from then on. They forget what Abraham says about the “contrast” (the problems and challenges we experience), i.e. that they help us to continue growing and expanding. But, there are definitely things you can do to deal more effectively with these manifestation issues. Time to call in the Pleiadian Collective and listen to their observations and suggestions.

Introducing Wendy Kennedy/The Pleiadian Collective

Until now I only used clips with Abraham, Bashar and Mooji and it is my pleasure to introduce for this channel of the week the Pleiadian Collective. The Pleiadian Collective are channeled by Wendy Kennedy, who I have met during various Crimson Circle conferences.

Wendy has been channeling for over 15 years and was one of the six channelers featured in the Tuning In movie, a spiritual documentary about channeling in America. Wendy’s channels were always a big success with the Crimson Circle audience because of the clarity, humor and practical nature of the information. For more information about Wendy and the Pleiadian Collective please visit: www.higherfrequencies.net.

With her permission I created a YouTube clip (9:01) with one of my favorite channels. It is about the pitfalls of manifestation, providing detailed answers to the questions we raised at the beginning.

Please take a few deep breaths and enjoy.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. Think of something that you tried to manifest in your life, which didn’t materialize (yet): perhaps a new car, a job or a new relationship. Do you really believe that it is possible to manifest this in your life, or do you have doubts? Do you feel that you deserve it? Be honest.

2. Are there any issues that come up when you try to manifest something in your life? Are you able to recognize these issues and clear the charge as the Pleiadians would call it? Are you able to release the judgment that you have about the issue or acknowledge how it was of service to you?

3. Do you feel able when you drop out of your “high frequency”, that feeling that everything is going well, to consciously go back to that level, or do you allow yourself to drop lower and lower?

Next time, if you drop out of your high frequency, you may want to remember what the Pleiadians say: high vibration is not better than low vibration it’s just different. Once you release that judgment it will be much easier for you to shift between different frequency levels by simply making a choice.

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One Response to Pitfalls of Manifestation

  1. Reinis says:

    Thank you, Jan, for sharing this!

    It’s amazing how simple it really is -- accept yourself, love yourself and allow yourself to experience what you desire. No need to process everything in mind, or try to figure things out.

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