3 Ways To Get Back Into The Flow Of Life

In the past few weeks I was reminded how easy it is to let yourself being pulled out of the flow. With the Christmas holiday coming closer every day, there is so much effort going on to get stuff finished or cleaned up before year end. Deadlines for projects, last minute attempts to realize personal targets, but also the brushing up of balance sheets, the list goes on with things that have us easily move “upstream” instead of “downstream”.

Signs that you are not in the flow

If you are wondering if you are going upstream, against the flow, the following signs may help you recognize this.

  • Getting things done requires much more effort; it feels like you are pushing all the time;
  • You seem to have less inspiration, ideas flow less easily;
  • The opinions of others seem to have more impact on you;
  • You hear yourself talking in less uplifting ways, you easily join in criticizing things;
  • You are changing your eating patterns towards less “healthy” foods;
  • You feel more tired than usual.

I could go on with the list, but in essence the best sign to tell that you are not in the flow is how you feel. You will generally feel resistance in everything you do before anything else.

Being out of the flow is not bad

If you are currently suffering from these symptoms your first reaction may be, oh my God, this is bad, I have to get back in the flow right now. Well, this may sound a little strange, but you are not doing anything wrong when you are out of the flow. Actually, it may be fun to go upstream for a while. For many it is a sign that they are really alive and kicking. There is nothing “bad” about it, but you may come to a point that you get tired of it and want to go downstream again.

Staying in the flow is a choice…

Often people think that it is the circumstances that pull them out of their flow. Your boss that insists that you finish something, which takes a lot of effort on your part. Or, certain problems that you think require your immediate attention and result in a lot of push back when you are trying to solve them.

Actually, it is your inner vibration that determines if you are in, or out of the flow. Remember that Law of Attraction? When you experience struggle in your reality it is reflecting your vibration and nothing else. And the way you vibrate is ultimately a choice as you may have discovered by now. So staying in the flow is a choice also.

…and letting go of certain beliefs

For many people going with the flow or following the path of least resistance is something that has a negative ring to it. It is quickly associated with things like laziness, lack of purpose or direction or even a lack of ambition or desire to achieve things. Putting in hard work, or effort, to achieve what you want is generally considered a  positive aspect in one’s character.

In order to bring yourself back into the flow you may want to explore these beliefs a little more and decide if you want to continue adhering to them. Who created these beliefs anyway? What feels better to you in the end, going upstream or going downstream with the flow? If you find this difficult to accept you may want to listen to this channel with Abraham (9:35) explaining how going with the flow is the key to enjoy life.

Which brings us to the things you can do, the choices you can make, to stay or return into the flow. Let me share some of the things that help me.

1. Follow your feelings

One of the first things that help me going downstream again is to listen to my feelings. Let me give you an example. The other day I had been very busy and in the afternoon I was supposed to finish something before I would leave the office. However, I increasingly felt that it would take me a lot of effort to get it done because I lacked both the inspiration and motivation. I experienced increasing resistance within myself to complete the task. I actually felt more like going to a movie and that’s what I did. At 3:30PM, I sneaked out of the office and went to a nearby movie theatre. I had a great afternoon and quickly felt back into the flow. The next day I took care of the unfinished business in no time.

2. Change your focus of attention

Generally, when I am moving upstream it is reflected in the kind of thoughts I have. So, one of the things you can do to bring yourself back into the flow is to change your thought patterns. Just observe what you are thinking about and make a conscious choice to focus your attention on other things.

For example, you may find yourself struggling with a problem, thinking of possible solutions over and over again without any result. In moments like that just change your focus to those things you can get easily done or solved. I usually have a lot of different things I can do anyway so when I feel something taking too much effort I simply switch to something easier. This quickly brings you back into a feeling of flow and you will notice that the solution to the other problem may just come to you when you least expect it. Which brings me to the third thing you can do to get back into the flow.

3. Raise your vibration

As I said in the beginning your level of vibration determines what you attract and experience. If you experience a lack of flow you may want to raise your vibration so you experience things going more smoothly. But, how do you change your vibration?

There are many ways but I generally use two things: breathing and music. I find it amazing how conscious breathing will help me change my vibration. If you find yourself struggling against the flow, just take a break and do some conscious breathing and you will experience for yourself how easy it is to raise your vibration and get back into that feeling of flow. It is the tool spiritual teachers suggest most and you always have it with youJ.

The other thing I often use is music. How often have you put on some music when you felt down or frustrated because it helped you feel better? The same applies when you want to change your vibration. Just put on the music you enjoy most and allow your vibration to be raised without any effort on your part.

What are some of the things you do to get you back into the flow of life? Please, share your experiences and suggestions.

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