A Christmas Gift For You

Christmas is a wonderful season, for different reasons. It is the time of year when you have these special moments with your loved ones. It is the time that you enjoy nice food. A time when you relax after a year of hard work.

It is also the time of year when we exchange presents and enjoy that big smile of surprise on someone’s face when you give them something special that they didn’t expect. Now my question to you is: what would put a big smile on your face? What would be the perfect Christmas gift for you? I hope you like my gift at the end of this post, but before you unwrap it allow me first to talk a little about an art that many people have forgotten about.

The art of receiving

The other day I was driving behind a beautiful car and we both stopped at a traffic light. At that moment I went into a daydream, imagining that the driver of that beautiful car would step out, walk over to my car and would offer me his keys saying: I have driven this car long enough and noticed how much you like it. Please accept this as my gift to you.  It was a beautiful day dream but I also realized that most people would probably hesitate, wondering if the car had been stolen or something, or they would get themselves in a lot of trouble. What would you think and do if this happened to you?

Chances are that you would also hesitate. Hesitate because you don’t think you are worthy to receive something beautiful. Hesitate because you think that certain strings would be attached.

It is a simple illustration of how our beliefs influence and condition us and make us question and distrust those gifts that look too good to be true. Do you realize how this makes it more difficult for us to enjoy life and abundance?      

Many years ago a client of mine, let’s call him Sam, invited me to join him for a weekend in his penthouse in Nice (South of France). One night, he suggested that we would drive up to Monaco to have dinner and try our luck at the casino. For those of you that never went there, Monaco is a very elegant place, especially the casino, and everyone is dressed to look his or her best.

As I had only brought my jeans and some t-shirts Sam suggested to stop by one of the shops next to the casino where he bought me a nice jacket with trousers and a shirt and to top it off a beautiful Hermes tie and gold cufflinks. I still remember how I hesitated because it was very expensive, until he said: Jan, one day you will understand the joy of truly sharing with others, but first you will need to become more proficient in the art of receiving.

He gave me another chance to practice this art of receiving when he offered me to pay for a new car. It was the biggest and most expensive gift I was ever offered and it triggered all kind of belief systems and fears in me. After a lot of hesitation, I finally accepted and enjoyed every moment driving the car. Ever since I no longer hesitate to accept gifts, even if they are outrageous. 

My Christmas gift to you

I don’t have a new car to offer to you, but I do have something that may put a smile on your face and that may very well be the perfect gift for you, i.e. a workbook titled  Abundance: Releasing Limiting Beliefs (5728 downloads) .

Why would this be the perfect gift? Because once you understand how your beliefs limit you and create unnecessary fears in your life and once you know how to shift and release those beliefs, you will become the true creator that you are and you will enjoy life and abundance as never before.

Merry Christmas.

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1 Response to A Christmas Gift For You

  1. Lydia says:

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you for this beautiful way to start this day.
    This is one of my favourite things in life I am exploring with myself and others.
    The mass consciousness emphases is on the giving.
    What I experience in life is that if someone is able to receive truly (therefore able to open up) you will receive so much joy and love on a energy level that it will show you whether you are able to receive and open up (therefore give without an ego valuation) as well.
    What I experience with myself that quite often we think we are able to receive because we made a mind set that we are worthy to receive which prevents us the joy of really receiving. Quite often I allow it afterwards by conscious/unconscious reasoning.
    Then I have missed the wonderful moment of loving joyful energy dance in which the giver and receiver are switching back and forth.
    Joyful holidays

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