Can You Release Your Desires?

Do you have a strong desire for a thing or circumstance that would supposedly make you more happy? A new relationship, a nicer house, a different job, a new car, more money? How strong is this desire? Does it preoccupy your thoughts every day? How does this make you feel right now? Yearning, unhappy, dissatisfied?

If that’s the case you may want to watch this video clip with Mooji sharing some interesting observations regarding our desires.

Please take a few deep breaths and enjoy.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. Consider the biggest desires you have. What would happen if you would release these today?

2. What resistance do you feel when considering to let go of your wants? Where does this blockage come from? Certain belief systems? That you will not be able to become more happy? What other people may think of you if you no longer desire? That you will be a failure or looser for not striving anymore?

3. When in the next few days or weeks you are experiencing a very strong desire, for whatever thing or circumstance, take a pause and reflect on the essence of this desire. What would it supposedly bring to you? Can you create that feeling of happiness or satisfaction by focusing on the things you already have?

Please feel free to share your personal experiences with letting go, or not, of your desires by leaving a comment.

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