Circumstances Don’t Matter Only State of Being Matters

How often do you feel unhappy because of the circumstances you experience? Would you like to be able to feel happy whatever happens around you? You don’t think this is possible? In that case I invite you to read on because this may change your life, as it did with me.

The challenge of the reality echo

So often people let their circumstances influence the way they feel. The lack of money, problems at work, quarrels with their partner, family or friends, they can all contribute to a feeling of unhappiness. If you feel like that you have apparently forgotten that you create your own reality and therefore can change the way you experience life.

Now, I often encounter people who have been applying all kinds of spiritual techniques only to give up because nothing seemed to change in their life. I know it can be challenging but things may and will change once you understand how the “reality echo” works. In my case this understanding made a huge difference in the way I was able to change and enjoy my reality.

In the following channel (9:25) Bashar explains this concept and much more about interacting with reality and I am sure that life will no longer be the same for you after watching this clip. Please enjoy.

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. How do you feel about this reality echo? Does it make sense that things will first appear to be the same after you changed to enable you to respond differently to the same set of circumstances and thereby reconfirm your inner change?

2. What about playing with your reality? Is that something you feel like doing or do you think it will be hard to do? Why? Is it a belief system you have about reality being tough? That things are just happening to you without you being able to do anything about it?

Perhaps it is a good idea to become more conscious and playful regarding your reality. Just start to experiment with responding differently to situations that you routinely encounter on a day to day basis and see what happens. At work, at home. Just allow yourself the fun of becoming an actor in this wonderful play called life.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this channel.

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