Happy New Year: Drop Your Good Intentions!

What are your good intentions for 2011? Losing weight? Drinking less alcohol? Stop smoking? Eating more healthy food? Exercising more often?

My suggestion is to drop them all. Why?

If you were really motivated, you would already be doing it! (inspired by Adamus Saint Germain).

Oeps, that’s pretty confrontational isn’t it? But for most of us it is the ugly truth and explains why so many of our intentions are never realized or why we return so quickly to our good, old habits and, to make things worse, then feel guilty about it.

Does that sound familiar? Does it make more sense now to drop your good intentions? Why go through all that trouble and hardship anyway?

Let me offer you an alternative approach instead…

If you really want to change something, start with it NOW and only if it is easy and provides you with fun and joy!

Let me illustrate this with an example when a couple of months ago I wanted to exercise more.

What is your real motivation?

Before you consider to start with something, the first question to ask is: what is your real motivation?

Is it because other people said that you should do it, or is it because you think you have to do it, or is it something you really desire for yourself?

In my case there were two simple reasons for wanting to exercise more:

  1. My physical condition was deteriorating and it didn’t feel good;
  2. I love being physically active; I have always been very active with sports and was doing nothing at the time.

Your real motivation is important and you have to be honest about it with yourself. In my experience if you do something  only because what other people say, or that you belief that you should do it, the chances of success are limited.

The only good motivation is when you are really excited about it. If not, forget about it. And, you know when you are really excited about something, right? You feel it!

Find the path of least resistance

Next, find the path of least resistance. How to find that path? Again, you will feel and know it.

In my case, I thought this would be exercising at the office gym, because it was just a 2 minute walk from my desk. However, I should have known better because in the past I always had mixed feelings about going to a gym. I love the physical exercise, but I don’t like the machines; it is too static for me. Nevertheless, I thought that the convenience would make it easier, so I signed up. Very quickly after I started my motivation dropped and after 3-4 weeks I stopped going all together.

About the same time I had a discussion with a colleague and we discovered that we both enjoyed a game of squash and we agreed to play one night. To make a long story short, we play every week now and I even take lessons from one of the best squash players in the country; his training beats every work out in the gym:).

Now, the funny thing is that I have to drive about 20 minutes from my office to get to the squash center and I have to pay much more than for the office gym. Doesn’t sound like the path of least resistance, right? Well, it is, for me, because every time I hop in my car, I feel excited to go and nothing feels like an effort or difficult at all, even when it is snowing and it takes me 40 minutes to get there.

So, when you have good intentions, just forget about them and only do the things that really excite you or give you pleasure, now. Even when it is smoking…

And, for those of you who still intend to quit a bad habit, you may want to listen to the clip below with some thought provoking insights and advice from Abraham (7:38).

Happy New Year!

P.s. If you liked this post, share it with your friends; it may make their life easier and more enjoyable too:).

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2 Responses to Happy New Year: Drop Your Good Intentions!

  1. Reinis says:

    Great insights, Jan! 🙂

    If there’s no passion in it, you won’t go through with it. And if there’s not passion, it means you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons (Other People’s Reasons).

    I have a somewhat similar story with my body and exercising. The first push was my not liking how I felt and looked (overweight), but only by focusing on how I really want to feel (strong and resilient) did I get off my butt and start exercising. And step by step, I went through different approaches and programs, to finally arrive and settle with kettlebells. But each step was not a detour, it prepared me to better appreciate and enjoy working out with kettlebells and how my body feels now.

    Have a great year, filled with passion, Jan! 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Hi Reinis,

      I like how you switched from a negative motivation to do something to a positive one. It makes all the difference in the world.

      Thanks for sharing.

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