Can You Step Outside The Box?

I often discuss the limitations of our belief systems. Our inability to open up and have a totally new and different way of looking at things just because we are so conditioned that we are unable to step outside the box. The following clip is a simple but perfect example.

But, before looking at the clip, let me ask you a question. What is the best or most appropriate way to play the guitar?

You have no doubt a clear image of that because of the music videos you watched or because you played the guitar yourself, like me. So what does playing the guitar look like? I bet it is totally different from what you are about to see next (with thanks to my dear friend and inspiring musician Amir Ya’akobi).

Did you ever imagine this way of playing? Be honest. Like me you were probably flabbergasted. Isn’t it wonderful to see someone stepping outside the “box” like this?

And, next time, when you feel constrained and want to step outside the box yourself remember this video clip showing that anything is possible. Who knows what will happen; you may even rock the place as much as this musician did.

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