Kryon About Change

I often talk with my workshop students how difficult they find it to integrate spiritual teachings in their daily life. Even if the information lightens up their being, even if they fully resonate with the teachings and yearn for change in their life, they still feel this reluctance because they are so concerned about the things that might happen.

Will their partner still understand and love them? Will family and friends still like them? Will they still have a job and money?

When people think of change, they usually think of what they might lose. In my experience they seldom think of the opportunities and experiences that change will bring.

In this short but moving channel, Kryon reminds us not to fear change when we take on the “mantle of the Master.”

Questions you may want to reflect on:

  1. Can you imagine what would happen if you take on the mantle of the Master? What would change in you and your life and how do you feel about that?
  2. What do you fear the most to lose in your life when you would change and live life the way you want to? What is the essence of what you fear? Being alone? Having no money? Be honest, this is just between you and you:).
  3. What will be the effect if you constantly cling on to what you have and reject the opportunities that come knocking at your door because of the changes they may bring?

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