Releasing The Desire To Be Healthy

In a previous post, Can You Release Your Desires, the question was raised if there is anything in your life that you strongly desire, because it supposedly would make you happy, and if you could release that desire.

One reader asked me what would happen if she would release her biggest desire, i.e. to be healthy. I could of course have answered: well, try it and find out! and leave it at that. However, I wanted to use her question to illustrate that releasing your desire may actually bring you what you want, in this case health.

What illness really is

If you feel fear or a reluctance to release your desire to get healthy, why is that? Because you belief that you wouldn’t get healthy unless you focus and work on it? What is illness anyway?

Depending on your culture you may have a different understanding of what illness is.  Eastern medicine but also spiritual sources emphasize that illness is nothing more than a blockage in the energy flow of our being. This blockage can be caused by many different things including stress and other negative emotions.

The interesting thing is that they also emphasize that our body is perfectly capable to re-balance and heal itself, and it usually does, for example when we have a cold or the flu. In the case that a certain medicine or a treatment is used this is just to accommodate an openness, a willingness, to allow for this natural healing process to occur. It is not the chemical substance or treatment as such that does the healing. Ever wondered why placebos work? Now you know.

Releasing your desire to be healthy

Conventional wisdom and even some New Age teachings will tell you that when we have a certain desire, or focus, it will help us to get what we want. When we are ill for example, focusing on getting healthy is supposed to speed up the recovery process.

However, consider this for a moment. When you focus on getting healthy, where do you actually put your attention? Your illness or your well being? Just take a minute to ponder on this.

It is very likely that you will actually put a lot of attention on your illness, i.e. the symptoms that you don’t want, the lack of energy, the inconvenience of not being able to do certain things, the bad emotions or feelings that you experience.

From a vibrational point of view guess what this (negative) attention hinders? Indeed, the flow and re-balancing of energies in your body. By releasing your desire you change your focus and are able to create a more positive vibration, which in turn will accomodate the natural healing process.

Still finding it difficult to belief and accept all this? Perhaps this is a good time to listen to what Abraham has to say about illness and healing.

Warning: you may find some of things that are said thought provoking and challenging.  

How did this feel to you? Just take a deep breath and feel if this information resonates with you. If so, you can make a conscious choice to release your desire and trust that your body will heal itself the moment you shift your focus to ease and joy in your life.

Please feel to share your comments or personal experiences regarding illness and healing.

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