The Purpose Of Life Explained In 10 Minutes

How often do you wonder about the purpose of life? How often do you question that if you are this supposedly magnificent, unlimited, spiritual being why you are not able to deal with life more graciously and effectively? Why you are still having all these problems and challenges?

The need for the journey

When I ran into the Crimson Circle materials a couple of years ago and attended their workshops, I often said: they should teach this material at school! It made so much sense, it explained so much of what I had been going through and how I could respond differently to the problems in my life.

It is the same with the Abraham Hicks materials, Mooji, Kryon and all the others that are out there. Every time you wonder why didn’t somebody share their teachings with me years ago?! Life would have been so much easier.

A Buddhist proverb explains this beautifully: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Are you ready?

I know from my own experience that as long as you are not ready, you will not listen or resonate with certain types of information. For most of us it seems that only through a journey of struggle and pain we come to a point that we open up and are receptive to new insights and changes in our life.

Does it have to be that way? No, of course not, but the silly thing is that it often does work that way.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, to prepare you for this channel with Abraham, explaining the purpose of life in 10 minutes. I seldom heard all the spiritual teachings being summarized in such an inspiring way.

So, the question is: are you ready for this? Listen and find out…

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