When You Feel Down And Alone, Play This

We all have those moments when we feel down and alone. When nothing seems to work in your life, problems are mounting and friends appear to have abandoned you. As if you are completely alone on earth with no one, not even Spirit, to help you out.

It is precisely about those moments in our life that Tobias talked during a channel in Seoul in 2009. Recognizing the pain and agony that we experience in such moments, Tobias reminds us that it is also in those moments that we have a chance to discover who we truly are and “resurrect” ourselves.

Short preparation before listening

Before you start listening to the clip make sure that you will not be disturbed for the next 15 minutes or so and that you sit or lie down in a comfortable way.

Next, take a few deep breaths and then imagine the moment just before you reincarnated in this life time. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the other dimensions, whatever they may look like to you, sitting down with this loving and beautiful angel called Tobias. Imagine the two of you talking about your upcoming life time and the challenges you would face. Then listen…

If you would like to download the complete channel for free click here.

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