A Simple Tool To Help You Shift Your Mood

How often do you experience the following? You start the day in a great mood, everything seems to go well until that one moment that something or someone puts you of.

In a matter of seconds you feel your mood change and before you know it all that happiness and excitement that you felt earlier is gone. More frustratingly, you feel unable to shift your mood back and the rest of your day is basically ruined.

No more!

With the following tool you will be able to respond swiftly and effectively to situations like the one I just described. And the good thing is this tool is always available to you and can be deployed in a matter of seconds…

The Big Sigh

Solara An-Ra calls this technique the Big Sigh. According to her it is a kind of mini-meditation and it can greatly help you shift your emotional or mental state.

It works like this.

  1. Close your eyes, and notice how you are breathing;
  2. Take a HUGE breath in through your nose, completely filling your lungs (4 – 6 seconds);
  3. Release the breath through your mouth with no control, allowing any natural sound to be expressed (1 – 2 seconds);
  4. Sink into the space of “no breath” at the end of the out-breath, savouring the quietness that is there before the in-breath naturally returns;
  5. Notice the difference in your breathing now – it is likely to be slower/deeper/more relaxed.

To make this even more effective it is recommended that while you do this exercise you make a conscious choice to shift your mood for instance by saying to yourself: I now let go of my anger/frustration/tension.

Just give a try and let me know if it worked for you. And if doesn’t, don’t worry. You can always go shopping, eat chocolates or get a few drinks instead to change your mood…:).

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