Bashar On Being You

How often are you wondering about the purpose of life? How you can find more abundance and happiness? Questioning if your relationship or job is the appropriate one? Questions, questions and some more questions for which your mind probably has no clear answers.

In a workshop that I attended some years ago in Mallorca, Tobias explained that our mind is not designed to answer questions like these. The mind is very helpful when it comes to questions like “what did you have for dinner yesterday” or “how much is 2 + 2”? But, when it comes to questions like “how can I find abundance”, “what will make me happy” or “what is my soul’s desire” the mind not only gets lost but more importantly as Tobias pointed out, it will create a blockage for us to experience passion and joy. We make things too complicated for ourselves.

If this how you feel right now, having a lot of questions without answers, feeling yourself blocked, you may want to listen to this channel with Bashar. In less than 9 minutes(!) Bashar discusses a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to abundance, purpose in life, joy, career, money, passion, expressing yourself, manifestation and happiness. And, don’t be surprised if you replay this clip a number of times…

Please enjoy!

Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. What are the main, important points that Bashar made and that resonated with you? You may want to write those down for your easy reference.

2. So often people make their happiness, joy and abundance conditional on certain things or circumstances. If only I had more money, a different relationship or a better job. What about you? Have you put any conditions on your happiness? Which ones? Will these really make you happy?

3. Can you imagine being happy no matter what, just because you choose to be so? Just take a few deep breaths and feel your essence. Do you feel how YOU are already happy, abundant and joyful?

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