Going Beyond The Use of Spiritual Tools

In the past couple of weeks I felt increasingly stuck in my mind. This mental focus was definitely triggered by the news, e.g. the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the nuclear crisis that developed since then, the situation in the Middle East, but also things closer to home such as the upcoming reorganization in the company I am currently working for.

Actually, there is so much going on right now, at so many levels, that it is hard not to get sucked in and feel stuck.

Now, I normally use breathing to “unstuck” myself, but this time it didn’t really help me to release the grip that my mind seems to have on things. I tried many times, while sitting or lying down, to get into that conscious breathing routine, which is so familiar to me, only to find that every time my thoughts started to interfere disabling me to shift my energy.

I started to become a little frustrated about this apparent inability to break through the deadlock. It even started to impact my eating habits.

Until this morning.

There are endless spiritual tools and techniques

When I woke up early this morning I again tried to shift my consciousness and again initially without results. Then I remembered a technique that I learned fifteen years ago during the Awakening Your Light Body course with Orin and Daben.

Although I could not remember the exact details of the various light body centers, I did remember how to activate them and thereby shift my state of being and that’s what I did, one by one. The impact was quick and profound and for one hour I was experiencing a different reality in which my mind no longer interfered and my breath regained the upper hand.

This experience reminded me how often we seem to need a certain tool or technique to help us shift our consciousness, to stop our mind chatter or get into some kind of meditative state that allows us to access different realities or dimensions.

It also made me wonder, knowing that there are an endless number of spiritual tools and techniques, why one technique I used so often during the last couple of years all of a sudden didn’t seem to be effective anymore and how another, which I hadn’t used for such a long time, immediately created the results I desired. Is one tool better than the other? And, do we always need a technique to create the shifts we want?

Ha, I can feel my mind coming back online again, after its black out this morning, raising these type of questions …:).

Tools and techniques as “permission slips”

Obviously there no better or worse tools or techniques, although many spiritual organizations or teachers would like you to think that way. No, I have seen too many people benefitting from a wide variety of practices and techniques to believe this is the case.

But, the tool that helped you today, may not be as effective next month or next year, and vice versa, because you are constantly changing and evolving. Which brings us to an important thing to understand about the usage of spiritual tools.

Actually, spiritual tools and techniques are just belief systems that you use, or as Bashar calls them permission slips, to allow yourself to be more of what and who you are. Being aware of this gives you the opportunity to select any tool or technique that best suits your purpose or need for the moment, even if it is something that you haven’t used for a long time, like I did this morning.

To answer the question if we can go beyond the use of these tools and techniques, I would like to invite you to listen to Bashar explaining not only more about the use of spiritual tools, or permission slips, but also how you will eventually be able to eliminate the need for such tools all together (even the need for something like the “higher self”).


Please feel free to share your experiences with using spiritual tools and techniques.

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