An Inspiring Message From A Corporate Tyrant

Like so many spiritual seekers I had a period where I only wanted to read “spiritual” books, watch “spiritual” movies, listen to “spiritual“ channels and attend “spiritual” workshops. So much so, that I almost forgot that everything is spiritual in nature; that everything can potentially inspire you and help you shift your consciousness.

Most spiritual people will tell you however that one of the least “spiritual” environments is the corporate world. They claim it is harsh, unloving, egotistical, rational and very competitive. Perhaps they are right, perhaps they aren’t. In my experience it is a matter of perspective. If you are willing to go beyond general opinion and be open minded you will find that even the biggest corporate tyrants can have inspiring messages.

Introducing the tyrant: Steve Jobs (Apple, Inc.)

Very few corporate CEO’s can claim that they helped to reshape entire industries, let alone four, such as Steve Jobs did: computing (the Mac, the iPad), music (the iPod, iTunes), mobile communications (the iPhone) and movies (Pixar Animation). Brilliant no doubt and personally I just love the Apple products.

The media however also like to tell about the less brilliant aspects of Steve Jobs. He is said to manage his company with an iron fist and a brutal passion for detail, regularly abusing his staff. He is notoriously secretive when it comes to the press and he was called one of Silicon Valley’s leading “Egomaniacs”.

I never met the guy so I wouldn’t personally know but there are many stories about his aggressive outbursts so let’s assume for a minute that he is indeed a kind of corporate tyrant. But, is that all there is to Steve Jobs?

In a extensive coverage by Fortune Magazine, other aspects of Steve Jobs come to light as well. Besides being the tyrant, he also is a Buddhist, a vegetarian and a notorious rule breaker, something many spiritual people can relate to. So, it is a mixed bag, as usual.

The question is however, can such corporate tyrant have an inspiring message for you? A message that some could even consider spiritual?

Steve Job’s inspiring message

When  I came across this video clip with Steve Job’s  commencement speech for the 2005 graduates of Stanford University I felt very inspired. Steve shares three lessons from his personal life which I feel are important to everyone: to follow and trust your passion even if you don’t know what it will bring you in the future, to accept what is and trust that everything serves a purpose, even the personal “disasters”, and finally to enjoy each day of your life because it may be your last.

Please enjoy and next time, when you meet a corporate tyrant, perhaps in your own company, remember that he or she may also have an inspiring message for you.

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