Believing Is Seeing

We all know the expression: seeing is believing. How often do we say to each other: I only believe it when I see it? We say it all the time. Just imagine a guy, who has been unemployed for two years, telling his wife that he still thinks he will get a job. What will she say? “Sure honey, I will believe it when I see it”! You can probably recall a situation where you said the very same thing. But, what if it is actually the other way around: believing is seeing?

I know, this is stretching your beliefs a little bit but bear with me. Have you ever experienced a situation where you had a positive feeling about something and someone else, in the same situation, had a negative feeling about it? Rationally this shouldn’t be possible. The situation is the situation. It is either positive or negative, good or bad, right? This has nothing to do with believing is seeing, or has it? The fact that you had different perceptions of the same situation may tell you otherwise.

Let me give you an example of something that recently happened. In the department I am currently responsible for one of my staff members is leaving. When he announced his resignation, most people said that I would have a big problem finding someone who would be qualified enough to replace him, let alone on a temporary basis because of the upcoming reorganization. And the job statistics were definitely on their side.

However, I didn’t doubt for one second that I would be able to fulfill the position. I believed that it would work out, one way or another and guess what happened? Indeed, someone very qualified popped up who is currently employed by the parent company but who found it interesting to work at our department for four months to gain more knowledge about our particular business. Believing is seeing.

Can you think of similar situations in your own life? That certain things happened against the odds only because you believed they were possible? Once you accept this concept of believing is seeing and start to live your life that way, things will dramatically change, for the better.

Ah, you are still having doubts about this? No problem. In that case you may want to listen to this channel with Bashar (10:10), in which this concept of believing is seeing is explained and discussed in more detail. Enjoy.

Questions you may want to reflect on

1. Is there something in your life you love doing but are holding back from because the “right circumstances”, as you define them, have not yet appeared?

2. Could you trust that “believing is seeing” and that all it takes for you is to actually allow yourself doing it?

3. What small steps can you take today, to move into the direction of doing what you love to do? If you feel hesitation, why? Do you still think that seeing is believing? Why not just experiment and do it and see what happens?

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