4 Ways To Speed Up Your Personal Transformation

The other day one of my colleagues mentioned that he was impressed with the way I had transformed myself in the past couple of years. It happens all the time. Not the complimenting, but that people look at others in admiration for their boldness and trust to go through a process of transformation, thinking they could not do it themselves. Well, I have news for you. If I can do it and others can, you can do it as well!

But before I share with you four things that accelerated my personal transformation process, I invite you to take a moment here to consider the following question: do you really want to transform yourself? I mean really, really, really want to change, whatever the consequences? Be honest with yourself, because if you don’t really feel that desire that’s okay too but then you better wait.

So, assuming that you want to speed up your personal transformation process this is what you can do.

1. Act more on your inner guidance

For me the transformation process really accelerated when I started to follow my inner guidance. I still remember in 2005, only six years ago, that I bumped into the Crimson Circle materials and read and listened for days and weeks. I was so inspired by the information that I felt an urge to meet with Geoff and Linda Hoppe, who started the Crimson Circle in 1999. That had never happened before because I was your typical passive New Age book reader, keeping a safe distance from everything.

I have told this story many times, so I won’t bore you again with the details, but what is important here is that I started to act on my inner guidance. I acted on the urge to meet with Geoff and Linda and spontaneously booked a seat on their Multidimensional Camelot tour in the UK. It would be the start of an amazing journey.

The same happened when I felt a strong urge to redefine my relationship and decided to divorce my wife. We didn’t have any serious breakdown in our relationship or something like that, but I really wanted to use the “reset button”. This conscious choice put a lot of things in motion which in turn accelerated my process of transformation.

How often do you feel these inner urges and act on them? Often, all the time, or seldom? It doesn’t matter, but what is perhaps important to understand here is that your “higher self” communicates with you amongst others through urges. So, if you don’t follow them guess what happens? Oh, and a tip from Abraham and Bashar in this regard: only follow urges that make you feel good or joyful.

2. Try it yourself

As I already mentioned, I was your typical passive New Age book reader. I read an endless number of books but never really tried the things that were suggested. The first time I acted differently was when, after having read a lot about reincarnation, I decided to attend a regression workshop. It was an amazing experience to go back to past lives. By actually trying it, I experienced firsthand what people had been talking and writing about and it allowed me to really integrate and personalize the information. It was no longer theory.

The same happened with the Crimson Circle workshops that I attended, e.g. Dreamwalker Death, the Sexual Energy School, Dreamwalker Ascension, the Channeling workshop and many more. Every time I not only acted on the urge I felt, but I also tried the various exercises, gaining a firsthand experience and deep, personal understanding of the materials.

Trying things, gaining the experience, instead of reading and talking about it, definitely accelerated my transformation. And, when you are not sure if you want to do something, remember this quote from Kuthumi: “when in doubt go for the experience.”

3. Practice it (walk the talk)

This is probably where a lot of people struggle. I have seen many students who attended the Crimson Circle workshops, my own classes, or the courses of other people, who were initially very excited about the information but then shied away from actually practicing it. The number of reasons is endless. “I can’t do it because my partner won’t understand”. Or, “I cannot do this because my colleagues or friends would never accept this”, or “I don’t have enough money to do this”.

But, let me tell you a little secret here. Of course, initially you will encounter resistance, mostly within yourself, but once you get going this resistance will get less and less, to the point that other people will ask you how you can be so bold and trust yourself. You probably don’t believe me but that’s where the “try it yourself” part comes in (and don’t give up too fast).

Only after I started to walk the talk my transformation got into a higher gear, which brings me to my last tip.

4. Allow change to happen

When you are on a journey of personal transformation, change is inevitable. Change within yourself, but more importantly and challenging for most, change around you. Friends or even family members may “disappear” from your life because they no longer want to be associated with you. You may lose your job because it is no longer compatible with whom you have become. Your relationship may break down.

This may all sound terrible, but is it really? Would you prefer to be stuck in the life you have right now or would you like things to change for the better? It simply is a choice!

What I can tell from my own experience is that after the initial pain, challenges and perhaps even hardship you may go through, change will become your friend. The moment you allow changes to happen in your life and you no longer cling to what you have, things become very fluid and easy and your transformation may take off with incredible speed. I am a walking testimony of this and I hope one day you will be too.

Finally, some words of wisdom from Mooji that I found very appropriate in the context of this post.

Please enjoy.

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