Are You Going Upstream Or Downstream?

There are some messages that you cannot be reminded of too often. One that I personally like very much are the upstream-downstream stories of Abraham. They are so simple, so elegant; everybody can intuitively feel into them and understand their meaning.

We deal with challenging circumstances every day and especially then the direction of our boat is so important. Last Thursday, I was talking with a number of colleagues about the new office lay out. I heard myself increasingly complain about the noise and the inability to work in a concentrated fashion. As Abraham would say, I was beating the drum of everything that was wrong. You see, it also happens to me!

Now, did it help or change anything? Of course not, it only increased my frustration and resistance. I was paddling upstream so badly that I had to eventually laugh at myself. That was also the moment that I made a choice to turn my boat downstream again. To accept what is and let it go. And you know where my boat brought me? It brought me home, where I have a beautiful and spacious office, where I worked the next day and got a lot of things done, feeling absolutely energized.

If you also want to peddle downstream, but don’t think you have a choice or need to wait for the right moment, you may want to listen to this channel with Abraham, explaining that you can turn your boat downstream in your life as well, any time, any where.


Questions you may want to reflect on:

1. How often do you peddle upstream in your life? Sometimes, all the time? Why?

2. What is holding you back from turning your boat and going down stream? Certain beliefs? Fear? It sounds too easy so it can’t work?

What if every time you feel resistance in a situation or you feel you are “efforting” too much, you let go and allow your boat to turn and go with the flow again? Feels good, huh? Remember, there is nothing difficult about this, you just make the choice.


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