Playing The Flow Game

What do you normally focus on in your daily life? The fun, the joy, the flow or are you more preoccupied with problems, stress, errors, things in general that are not going well? I bet that most people pay attention to the latter.

I am not going to explore why that is, there are various reasons for this, but how you can break free from that habit, because in my experience it is nothing more than a habit when we focus on things that are not going well.

Why focus on the flow?

Well, why not? Do you feel good when you focus on all the things that don’t work out as you hoped or expected? Probably not, so that is already one good reason to start looking for the things that are going well.

The second reason is that when you focus on the things that are going well, your vibration will change. You will not only feel better, but you will also start to attract more and more things and situations that will provide you a feelings of joy and flow. And, you will need less effort.

The last, but not the least, reason to focus on the flow is because it is fun. Just fun. Feel this for a second and imagine what would happen if you ignore all the other things but just start looking for confirmations of flow. Wouldn’t that be fun?

The flow game

The flow game has no rules and you certainly don’t need to keep score. 🙂 The only thing it requires from you is to consciously look for and notice the things or circumstances that indicate flow in your life. Let me give you some examples how I play this game and what I experience.

One of the things that I look for are numbers in a particular order or harmony. The clock is a nice example. How often do you see time as 09:09 or 11:11 or 15:15? I do and every time I smile because for me it confirms that I am in the flow. Other people would probably think, oh shit, I am late or I have to speed up because I have only 15 minutes left to complete this task… Can you already feel the difference?

Harmonious numbers can also be seen on road signs (Route 66, distances like Amsterdam is still 44 miles away), time tables (the train leaves at 13:13) or in calculations. For me it has become such a fun thing to do that by now I even have to smile when I see for example 19:21 because to me it shows that I am very, very close to being in the flow.

When it comes to circumstances I typically look for situations when something “flowy” happens. Like when I am in the supermarket and there are long queues before the counters. I used to think that I always picked the wrong queue. I don’t anymore and what happens now is that more and more a new counter opens and I am the first to be served.

Or, like yesterday, when I drove into a gas station to fill up my car. Just before me two other cars also entered the station and there were only two pumps. Just when I started to sigh, one of the cars drove on and I had a free spot with the pump exactly on the right sight of the car.

Have things like that happened to you?

Another example of flow is finding things with less effort. The other day I was looking for a driving range facility to practice some golf (yes, after having not played for about six years I picked up my clubs again and it was great). Guess what? Very close to the cottage I am staying during the week there is a driving range with practice greens and a chipping area, for free!

By now you probably get the drift of this flow game. The trick is to become more conscious about the things that indicate that you are experiencing flow. Every time you notice something with numbers, or you find something that you had previously lost, or you bump into a person or information that you were just looking for, make a conscious note and smile, because a smile is not only the most beautiful expression you can have on your face, it also makes you feel more joyous. And one day, I promise, you will start to see flow in everything, even when other people are only seeing problems and drama.

Please enjoy your flow game and don’t hesitate to share your experience with others.

P.s. when I posted this, it was 10:10 on my computer… 🙂

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