The Most Effective Technique To Become Your Soul Essence

For many years I believed that you had to apply special mystical or esoteric techniques to connect with your soul essence. Usually these techniques involved guided meditations to help you shift your consciousness after which you were supposed to be able to experience your divine essence.

Sometimes these techniques work and you have this special experience, but more often they don’t because your mind interferes and then it is hard to replicate these wonderful moments when you feel not only divine, but also one with the universe.

Yesterday night, I was reminded however of a far more simple and effective technique to do the very same thing.

Let me explain step by step how you can apply this technique for yourself.

Step 1: setting your intention

The foundation for the experience was actually laid in the morning, when I expressed a very strong desire to have a more meaningful evening that night. I have to back up here fore a moment and explain to you that usually on Thursday nights I grab some beers and have dinner with my colleagues and engage in endless discussions about work, especially about the things that are “wrong” in the office and we can’t do anything about. Not really inspiring is it? This time I wanted it to be different (and that’s what happened!).

So, step number one of this technique involves your intention to have a more meaningful experience than your usual (unconscious) routine.

Step 2: relax and don’t think about your intention anymore

During the whole day I was busy with stuff and actually enjoyed myself a great deal. More importantly, I totally forgot about my intention.

It must have been around five o’clock when I asked one of my colleagues if he wanted to have a beer in our office bar (yes, the company I currently work for has its own cafe). As a side note, for those that worked with me in the Lake Tahoe office of the Crimson Circle this sounds very familiar. When I would be in the office we often would grab a drink and chips at 5:00PM, go out on the deck overlooking the lake, even in winter time, and have some of our most inspiring discussions and ideas.

Anyway, back to my colleague. As he had to finish some business first we finally went down a little later and met with some of the other guys. We had a few beers and cokes and decided to go out for dinner. Although it appeared that it would be a repetition of the experience I mentioned before, there was something different this time. Only in hindsight I can recognize it, but at the time it wasn’t that clear to me. I was just having a good time and felt relaxed.

Step 3: carefully choose the stage for your experience

To have an experience like connecting with your soul you usually need a quiet place, preferably with some smooth background music and a water fountain, at least that is what many of the spiritual teachers tell us.

I must have unconsciously remembered this because I insisted on going to a special place as the weather was beautiful: the Wild Man cafe. One of the coziest grand cafes on the central plaza in the city center, which has a lot of outdoor terraces. Just picture for a moment the crowds of people, sitting outside with their drinks, enjoying the good weather and each other (although I noticed a few exceptions;). Wasn’t that the perfect stage for a spiritual experience?

Step 4: apply the technique

Are you curious by now what the technique is that I applied to become my soul essence or can you already guess? No, it is not getting drunk, far from it, although the two Belgium beers I drank did get me in the right mood. No, it was more simple, it was good, deep laughing from the belly.

It has been a long time since my belly ached so much with laughing pains. We just keep sharing jokes and teased each other about the stuff that was going on in our lives and in the office. We made fun of everything, really everything: our marriages, our divorces, our work, our ambitions, our beliefs, ourselves. The more we joked and laughed the better it got.

And then one moment I became very aware of the special bubble of energy that we had created. Sitting in the crowd, but not being part of it. I looked at the others and I “saw”, or perhaps better, felt something special: human angels having a great time without any cares in the world. At that moment I felt very connected with my soul being. I had never realized that it was so easy, just by laughing…

Step 5: validate the technique for yourself

When we talk about techniques humans typically want to have proof that it works. The best way to do that is of course to repeat the experience for yourself. That’s why I looked for a training video that you can use to get started. After some research, I found the perfect video, with thanks to Mooji.

How do you feel after watching this? Did you come closer to your soul essence? If not, you may need some more training;). In that case I recommend that you start slowly with only three conscious smiles a day. Once you feel ready, really ready, then I suggest you move on to the deep belly laughing technique I described above, but please be careful and don’t forget each time to carefully apply steps 1 through 3…

Now, you don’t take all this stuff too seriously, do you? I was just making a little fun of this whole spiritual technique concept. Just remember to have fun and some good laughs every day, especially at yourself, and you will experience and become your divine essence a little more each day….

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