Making The Mirror Your Best Friend

During the 2009 Midsummer conference of the Crimson Circle, I spoke about the ultimate “test” of self love, i.e. to completely accept and love yourself when you look into the mirror.

Usually, when people look in the mirror they notice all kinds of imperfections, like I did for a very long time. When I was young, I would look for pimples. When I became older I would notice the increasing number of wrinkles, the bags under my eyes, the receding hairline and, of course, the increasing body fat.

What about you? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the imperfections or do you see a beautiful, radiant being? Chances are that you only see the things that you don’t like about yourself.

Notwithstanding the fact that you are spiritually conscious and you know that you are supposed to be this perfect expression of the divine, you probably don’t feel that way when you look at yourself, right? Even if you know that what you dislike about yourself is influenced by belief systems that have been created by others and which you can simply release, at some level you are still affected by them.

So, what can you do to increase the level of self love and acceptance? In other words, how can you make the mirror your best friend?

The mirror exercise

While reading Barbara Marciniak’s “Path of Empowerment” I came across this exercise that I know will help you shift the way you look at yourself.

To cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, take time every day – morning and evening – to sit or stand in front of a mirror for five or ten minutes for an intimate eye-to-eye appointment with yourself.

Gaze steadily into your eyes, and maintaining direct eye contact, open your heart and tell yourself that you love you. Repeat the phrase “I love you” aloud as you continue to look deeply into the mirror’s reflection of your eyes.

Watch your pupils and irises and allow any feelings that the words bring up to flow over your body, like warm sunshine dancing through the depths of the forest.

As you participate in this exercise, you must also observe your actions and responses to your message of love. Do different versions of you appear in the mirror? Are you smiling? Do you meet something that makes you drop your gaze and look away? Is there a part of you that did not accept the love?

What is your body doing? Do any tears appear to melt the seals of your memories? Are you holding your breath or breathing long and deep? How do you feel about purposely creating time to tell yourself that you are loved?

Benefits of loving yourself

Once you start to love and accept yourself you will feel much more happy and free. You don’t deny certain attributes of your physical appearance, but you no longer let them stand in the way either of appreciating yourself as you are.

Interestingly enough you, but especially others, will also notice an increasing glow or radiance around you once you start loving and accepting yourself. People will feel attracted to you, without being able to explain why. More importantly, when you love and accept yourself, you create a solid foundation to transcend any limitation in your life.

Please enjoy this exercise and feel free to share your experiences with the other readers.

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