Using Feelings As Decision Making Tool

One of the first things that I was invited to do when listening to the teachings of the Crimson Circle was to go into my feelings. Initially, I didn’t understand this. Why should I go into my feelings when I have such a fine mind to help me understand new information? Later, I understood that my feelings were offering me an entirely different guidance system, much more precise and helpful actually, than my mind.

In our culture we are so trained to use our mind, instead of our feelings, that we totally ignore this unique guidance system. Feelings in this regard should not be confused with emotions. Basically, you have two kind of feelings: good and bad. And this may sound a little strange but negative emotions, e.g. feeling angry or revengeful, can actually feel good. Perhaps this contradicts certain beliefs you have, e.g. that feeling angry is not supposed to feel good, but you can simply not deny what you actually feel.

Now the trick is to become more consciously aware of your feelings and start using this guidance system to help you in the right direction, i.e. to bring you more and more happiness, abundance and what have you, in a very practical manner.

In the following channel Abraham explains in more detail how to use your feelings as a decision making tool.


Questions you may want to reflect on

1. Why would so many spiritual teachers emphasize the use of feelings as the primary guidance system instead of the mind?

2. How do you feel about using your feelings as the primary guidance tool? Do you belief it can be as simple as feeling good or bad about something and follow only what feels good? No? Why not?

3. When was the last time you had a “gut feel” about something? What did you do, did you follow this feeling or not? What happened?

Once you start to consciously use your feelings as a guidance tool, a new, more exciting way of living becomes available. Enjoy it…

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