Whether You Win That Job Or Not, It Doesn’t Matter

It can be a very disappointing experience. You see that vacancy and immediately knows: this is your dream job. You write the most passionate letter, your resume is perfect, of course, and then…..you don’t even get an interview. Or, if you do get an interview, which of course goes extremely well, you still don’t get the job you wanted so badly. Buggers!

It happened to me several times. Out of university I applied for a traineeship with a big international bank. They thought me too young. It was the very first set back and I was quite frustrated.

A few years later, when I was manager of a bank branch, I applied for my dream job, at least that’s what I thought it was, i.e. finance manager with a car leasing company. I was sick for two weeks after someone else got the job. The feeling of disappointment lingered on for months.

Or, a couple of years ago, when I applied for a board position with a very interesting organization. I ended up with only one contender. After having dinner with my future board colleague he told me I was definitely the one he wanted to work with. Alas, I still see myself standing outside my home that night when the chairman of the Supervisory Board called me to tell that they had chosen the other candidate. I felt devastated, and cheated out of this special opportunity.

Does this sound familiar? Having had this happening to you as well?

For most people not winning the job they want is a very disappointing experience, but you know what? It doesn’t need to be. It is all about changing your perspective. Just look at what happened to me after these “set backs”.

It is all about perspective

After I was turned down for that traineeship, a couple of months later, I got an informal traineeship with another bank. What started as a kind of summer job evolved into probably one of the fastest career tracks ever witnessed. Simply because this particular bank went through a meltdown and everybody jumped ship, except me, I became the youngest branch manager in the history of the bank. I would never, ever had this experience and opportunity if I had joined the other bank (and I ended up working internationally anyway).

After I recovered from my frustration of not being hired by the leasing company I went on with my job. One year later I was requested to join the Entertainment Business Division, better known as the film financing department, where I would spend five years financing Hollywood movies. Compare that to counting lease cars and administrating lease payments. I am sure it wouldn’t have given me the same thrill.

And the person that got the board position? He was let go after about a year when it was decided to downsize the organization, abolish the board and appoint only one managing director. If I would have had this job I would have been unemployed within a year and not have joined the board of this wonderful  company called the Crimson Circle, which contributed in an incredible way to my spiritual journey.

Perhaps by now you start to understand what I am getting at. If you are not offered the job you so desperately wanted it is because something even better or more appropriate is waiting for you. You don’t believe me? Listen to this.

It was only a year ago that my bank account was showing more zero’s than anything else. I had been playing around for over a year and it was high time to get myself some money. I saw an advertisement for an interim job for a one year period that looked like great fun. So I called the agency and they were immediately excited after they saw my resume; I was the perfect man for the job they said.

To make a long story short, I was number one on their shortlist and still today nobody can explain what exactly happened but when the final interviews were planned I had been replaced on the shortlist by someone else who didn’t even come close to my credentials.

Reason to be disappointed? Of course, but one month later I got my current assignment, which although it initially was for four months only (and thus would bring me less money) now enters its tenth month. However, more importantly, this particular job brought me the most perfect set of circumstances and experiences at this point in my life.

Still not convinced? Okay, let’s listen to Abraham discussing with an actress about auditions and (not) getting the part she wants. For those of you that are not familiar with this escrow and vortex thing that Abraham is talking about you may want to watch this video clip first.

Please feel free to share your experiences with getting, or not, the job you wanted with the other readers. Did you get something better afterwards?

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