A Different Way To Look At Your Creations

So often we are reminded by spiritual teachers that we are creators. Gods also, no less. However, I don’t know about you but there have been moments in my life that I felt my creations were far from Godly. Actually, I felt that most of the time they were pretty boring and uninspiring.

I guess that most people feel like that and perhaps a few feel like that all the time. They look at others, e.g. famous writers, actors, thinkers, teachers, and feel totally inadequate.  Not you of course, or are you?

A this point I could have included one of the many channels that are out there about self appreciation or self worth, to help you look at your creations differently. But this time I chose something else to help you change your mind set: a short cartoon by Derek Sivers, a professional musician and circus clown.

The cartoon is titled: Obvious To You, Amazing To Others.

Please enjoy!

If you liked this, I recommend you visit Derek’s YouTube channel or read his blog. Lots of things to inspire you, but remember, to him they are just obvious… 🙂

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