Living Without Control

Have you been challenged lately by uncertainty? Or perhaps the sense that you are losing control? For most people control is essential in their life. Without it they feel insecure, uncomfortable or even fearful.

What if you could live without control? Wouldn’t that be truly liberating?

Our desire to control is deeply embedded

We experience our need for control as very real in our life. It is deeply embedded in our conditioning. For example, to ensure a comfortable life without too many worries we try to control the type of education our children receive, the higher the better, as this supposedly guarantees a well paid job and a good retirement.

Come to think of it, we try to control life at all levels. We want to control the outcome of our decisions, choices and actions. We want to control the peace in our neighborhood, our country or the world at large. We want to control disease, drug usage, pollution, company sales and results, crime, hunger; you name it and we want to control it.

The question is can we control everything or is this an illusion?

Control is an illusion

We hear from spiritual teachers that control is an illusion and with the current turmoil in the world this becomes clear to more and more people. How many students cannot find a well paid job anymore? HR advisers will tell you that career planning has almost become impossible as people will experience more job loss in their life than ever before. And as we can read in our newspapers lately, the control over our retirement has also become an illusion.

With all these “good old” controls and certainties disappearing from our life it is perhaps high time and very appropriate to consider the spiritual concept of living without control. What would it look like? How do you do this? Can it actually work?

Let’s listen to what Mooji has to tell us about this.

Questions you may want to reflect on

Before you start contemplating these questions, I invite you to take a few deep breaths. Please be aware that there are no good or bad answers, only insights.

1. Does control play an important role in your life? Why? Which part of you feels this need? Can you identify this part?

2. As Mooji explains the need for control is often triggered by fear, or to be more precise, thoughts of what we think can go wrong. He suggests not to impulsively act on these fears or thoughts but to consciously observe them without identifying ourselves with the thoughts themselves.

How do you feel about this? Does this makes any sense for you at some level? Try to really feel into this question rather than think because your mind will feel threatened as it is about to lose its control over you…

3. Considering the substantial effort you use to control your daily life, wouldn’t living without control be more easy, less complicated and totally liberating?

The next time you feel the need to control something, why not take a moment and just observe what is happening instead of immediately acting on it? See what happens. Does the need for control persist or does it slowly move away?

Please, feel free to share your experiences with us.

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