Feeling Good About Lying And Deception

Telling lies or deceiving people is considered bad behavior in our society. You are supposed to tell the truth at all times and this is taught from the very beginning.

For instance, when you are a kid and your mother asks you if you washed your hands before dinner you should answer honestly.

Later on, as a student, when your teacher asks you if you did your homework, same thing. And, as an adult, when your boss asks if you completed the agreed task, or when your spouse asks if you like what they bought, you are supposed to tell them the truth as well.

The funny thing  is however that although we are encouraged to always speak the truth we quickly experience that it doesn’t always pay off to do so and consequently we use lies and deception all the time. For example, because we want to protect ourselves from punishment or criticism, or when we don’t want to hurt the feelings of other people: “yes, I really like your new dress honey….”

So, are we all bad boys and girls, or should we look differently at lying and deception?

The magicians view

Karl Germain, a famous magician, once said: “The magician is the most honest of all professionals. He first promises to deceive you, and then he does.” Before talking some more about truth and lying, let’s watch Marco Tempest, another magician, who uses three iPods to share his views on truth, lies, art and emotion….

Pretty amazing performance, huh? But what was his message? That deception is a fundamental part of life and that people want to be deceived all the time! That telling lies or deceiving ourselves is used to forget about things, stay optimistic and create positive illusions! What’s so bad about that?

Which brings me to Abraham.

Abraham’s view

As can be expected, Abraham also has an interesting view when it comes to lying. Let’s listen for a moment….

Interesting, isn’t it? Let me quote Abraham here.“Never mind the truth, what’s important is what aligns you,” and “it’s not about how true something is, but how it makes you feel!” How do you feel about these statements?

Take a moment to ponder on this some more and think about these questions:

  • If you don’t tell the truth to someone or even to yourself and it makes him/her/you feel good, is that a bad thing? Why?
  • If a government tells a lie to avoid panic in the population, is that a bad or a good thing? Why?

What is truth anyway but a subjective interpretation of the illusions we observe? Did you know that there are more than eight(!) different theories about what constitutes truth?

I know, this may all be a little challenging as we are touching upon some deeply embedded belief systems here, but the truth is that there is no such thing as the TRUTH! Or, is that a lie too?

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