The Spiritual Sense Of Crisis And Disasters

Can you make any spiritual sense out of a killing of 80 children who are on a summer camp in Norway? The obstruction of food aid to hungry Africans by religious fanatics? The bombing of mosques? A three day looting in London where innocent shop keepers see their business destroyed?

I could make a very long list based on last week’s news, but the point is that these type of events give you the impression that we are indeed approaching the end of times where humans seem to be losing their, well eh… humanity and for many people it is hard to see any “spirit” in these events.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Once you understand the (potential) effects these events have on human consciousness you will be able to put these crises and disasters in a different light, but also be less distracted or impacted by them. Let’s listen to this short message from Abraham, discussing the effect 9/11 had on inviduals, reminding us how even crises serve a spiritual purpose.

Questions you may want to reflect on

1. Have you ever observed how people only change their life after they experience a deep and profound crisis, e.g.  a life threatening disease or incident, the loss of their job, financial bankruptcy, a divorce or the loss of a loved one? Wouldn’t the same principle apply to organizations, countries and human society at large?

2. If you ever experienced a crisis in your personal life, have you noticed how much desire, will power, passion and energy is unleashed at a certain point in order for you to move beyond? Can you see the same thing happening with large scale events, e.g. the peace and unification in Europe that followed after two world wars, with Germany and France, the two arch rivals, as driving forces?

3. Take an incident that you recently heard or saw on the news and that you were emotionally affected by or energetically distracted. Can you see how this incident created new potentials, a different desire or awareness which allows people to make different choices?

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