How Disappointment Keeps You From Having What You Want

We all experience disappointments in our lives. The salary increase or promotion we expected but didn’t get. The tennis game you should have won but didn’t. The endless rain during your holiday. The friend who didn’t keep a promise. The movie or sports game you wanted to see but couldn’t. Your car breaking down. The list of things that can cause disappointment is endless.

Depending on what happened this feeling is often just temporarily and quickly forgotten. In some situations however, the feeling of disappointment goes deeper and starts to negatively influence your life, e.g. leading to increased doubts about yourself. Like for example when you really want a relationship and every time you come close it falls apart.

Now, you were probably told to belief, as I was, that disappointments are just part of life, you simply don’t always get what you want, right? But what if this feeling of disappointment is not only totally unnecessary, but even counterproductive?

Taking score to soon

In a wonderful discourse about disappointment, see video below, Abraham reminds us that disappointments usually arise when we take score to soon. In a previous post, Whether You Win That Job Or Not It Doesn’t Matter, I illustrated how I often felt disappointment only to find that shortly thereafter a much better and more appropriate opportunity came along. Do you have examples from your own life when you took score to soon?

When you realize that everything that happens in your life is appropriate, to learn, grow and expand, and start to trust that better opportunities are always waiting for you around the corner, your life will become much more fluid and enjoyable, and disappointments will slowly fade away. Or, to put it more “metaphysically”, you will transcend this feeling of disappointment.

Feeling disappointed is counter productive

Now, the interesting point Abraham makes is that when you continue to feel disappointed about something this will actually prevent you from having it. As Abraham clarifies, the vibration of disappointment reduces your ability to attract the very thing you want. Which explains why so often, after the feeling of disappointment has gone, the thing you wanted or something better appears after all, and why when the disappointment runs very deep, as in the relationship example I gave, it prevents you from having it. Does this makes any sense to you?

Perhaps this is a good time to listen to Abraham’s discourse about disappointment in which amongst others it is explained how you can start responding differently to the feeling…

How does this make you feel? Look at some of the major disappointments you had in your own life; can you put what happened in a different perspective now? Can you let go of feeling disappointed? If not, why not? Why continue “taking scores” anyway?

Please remember, this is not about fighting or preventing any feelings of disappointment, but being aware of this wonderful guidance system that you have that indicates that you are not in (complete) alignment with your spiritual essence. Nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy observing and using your feelings of disappointment as such, and I promise you will not be disappointed…. 🙂

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