Experience Yourself As Consciousness And Be Free Today

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.”

How often have you heard or read this quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin? More importantly though, how many times have you felt like a spiritual being?

Just take a moment here to ponder on this some more. How do you experience yourself? As a person who goes by a certain name and who is the culmination of a life in which you developed certain desires, tastes, dreams, preferences, fears, memories, knowledge, experiences and ideas? Or, do you indeed feel like this eternal spiritual being who happens to be reincarnated on earth and who has a ball?

Chances are that you experience yourself, like so many others, as a human being on a long, very long, spiritual journey.

Now, why would this all matter to me Jan, I can hear you ask after reading “Four Words That Will Change Your Life?” Indeed it doesn’t once you start to experience yourself as a spiritual being, or to put it more precisely as consciousness, because that is what you are in essence.

Experiencing yourself as consciousness

During the Crimson Circle Shoud of last August, “Living Your Consciousness”, Adamus discussed with the audience what consciousness is and how to experience it. He explained that consciousness can be best described as “awareness,” which has different levels.

There is sensory awareness (taste, smell, hearing, seeing, feeling), mental awareness (thoughts, ideas, problems) and finally, intuitive or spiritual  awareness (knowing). Consciousness is all of that combined, or as Adamus put it, it is your “presence.”  He also explained that mental awareness is usually the strongest and that for most people spiritual consciousness is somewhere “out there” and not within them.

So, how do you actually experience yourself as (spiritual) consciousness? Are there any techniques or tricks that you can use and that will help you go beyond the limitations of sensory and especially mental awareness?

Indeed there are…

Of all the techniques that I have learned and read about, I personally benefited the most from one that Mooji provides. I never heard anybody explain in such a simple, practical and elegant way how to become a “presence.” The key to experiencing yourself as consciousness, as Mooji eloborates in the following video, is by becoming the “observer.”

When I started to practice this “observing” it gave me a tremendous feeling of space, neutrality and freedom. However, especially in the beginning, I also experienced the constant interference of my mind. This is totally normal and understandable because, as Mooji emphasizes, we have been conditioned during our whole life to identify ourselves as a person and not as consciousness.

So, for most people it will take practice and patience until this “observing” is no longer a trick or an effort but becomes as natural as seeing the moment you open your eyes after sleeping.

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if you still have questions or doubts and therefore I have added another video with Mooji explaining in a very practical way how to become the observer and to experience your consciousness.

If after watching these two videos you still have questions I would like to encourage you to no longer think about it but to start practicing it. Through the experience you will find all the answers you seek.


p.s. If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to share your experiences with the other readers.

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  1. Isaac Kwartin says:

    I need to know how to practice this trick so that i can know for myself the “experience of being aware”

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