Four Words That Will Change Your Life

In 2009, I had the great pleasure to join a group of people from all over the world for the very first trip of the Crimson Circle to Egypt. During 10 days we visited all the special and famous sites and had great fun sailing the Nile river and dressing up for parties (as you can see in this picture of me with Geoff and Linda Hoppe, the founders of the Crimson Circle).

At the end of our 10 day journey, we visited the Great Pyramid of Gizeh where we would have our last session with Tobias, channeled by Geoff.  Although we already had a number of channels and special experiences, nothing had prepared me for what was about to happen. It wasn’t the energy or atmosphere in the Kings Chamber that had this dramatic impact on me. No, it were four simple words that would eventually change my life.

Why are you here?

No, these are not the four words I am talking about, but this question is important to ponder on before you will feel and experience the same as I and the other group members did in the Great Pyramid.

At the time I strongly felt, like so many other (spiritual) people, that my life had an important purpose, call it a mission if you will, i.e. to help awaken the consciousness of other humans. I guess many recognize this feeling and devote themselves to similar missions, e.g. to better the earth, to fight hunger and poverty, to help avoid climate change and indeed, the most important mission of all for spiritual people, to ascend.

What about you? Do you feel a spiritual purpose or mission in your life? Are you concerned about your ascension process? Please take a moment here to reflect on this question some more. Why are you here?

Then Tobias challenged us by asking if we could imagine being on earth just because!

What? Living life without a purpose or mission? Not to work on our ascension?! Just being here and enjoy, because you can? He must be joking!! Like the others in the group, I felt surprise, disbelief, shock, disappointment and much more. Tobias couldn’t be serious, I felt. But he was, dead serious. And then those four words…

The four words

Two weeks later, Tobias repeated his message during the March monthly Crimson Circle meeting. He told the audience about the impact his channel had on the group in the Great Pyramid. He asked them the same questions, told them the same four words. The effect was the same.

By now you must be very curious about these four words I am talking about, but instead of simply writing them down here, I invite you to listen for 10 minutes to the March Tobias channel and experience his message and these four words for yourself. Please relax, and take a few deep breaths before you start the video.

How do you feel about his message and the four words (or are they three)? Do you feel the same emotions and feelings I had in the great Pyramid? From my own experience I can tell you that the effect will become stronger and stronger over time and it will slowly start to change your life. Eventually, these four simple words will set you free. And, if nothing happens, you know now it doesn’t matter… 🙂

If you want to read or listen to the complete Tobias channel of March 7, 2009 simply click on the link.

If you feel like sharing your experiences and observations with the other readers about this subject don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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