How To Deal With A Mean Boss

We have all encountered them, bosses who seem to love making our life miserable. They “boss” you around, manipulate you and they have this incredible ability to push your buttons. They find you the most boring or resentful tasks and never thank you for the work you do. More often than not you disagree with their decisions and you often wonder why on earth they were appointed as your boss in the first place.

From my own experience I know that usually your first impulse is to resist and question everything this boss is saying or doing; sometimes you even quietly sabotage their plans. In some weird way this temporarily gives you a good feeling, like you saved the company from something bad. Unfortunately, this only magnifies the problems you have with your boss. Tensions increase and in the end you feel even more miserable, especially about yourself because the way you behave is not who you really are.

Do you recognize this? Did you ever had to deal with a mean boss? What happened and how did this make you feel?

Now, we were all told to be critical of what is happening around us (constructively of course), to always stand up for what is right and never accept that people are abusing or maltreating you, or others for that matter. With that in mind it is only logical and even unavoidable that you engage in a fight with your boss until one of you gives in, or leaves, right?

Based upon my own experience I know that the boss usually wins in these situations. Which begs the question: is there a different way to deal with a mean boss? A way where you don’t loose out in the end, but still keep your self respect? According to Abraham there is…

In this 9 minute video Abraham shares their observations and advice, which probably goes against much that you currently believe in or were told in the past. On the other hand, it makes a lot of sense once you feel into what is being suggested by Abraham. I for one would have liked this advice when I started my career. It would have saved me a lot of fights, agony and energy. Energy that I could have used in different, more beneficial ways.

How do you feel about Abraham’s advice? Does it makes sense or do you feel resistance? If you feel resistance, why? Does it sound too easy, or “chicken”?

If you are currently having difficulties with your boss, why not apply what Abraham suggests and see what happens? Perhaps it does work….

I am looking forward to hear your experiences.

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