What Would You Do Differently In Your Life?

Today the world learned that Apple’s Steve Jobs crossed over. While I was watching CNN, it struck me how a reporter from Kenya (Africa) explained how Steve had inspired people over there, although most couldn’t afford his products. It was how he started his business, in his parents garage, and his drive to create special products that motivated local entrepreneurs.

He was no doubt a remarkable man. It made me think of his speech to the graduates of Stanton University, which I used in a previous post: An Inspiring Message From A Corporate Tyrant. One of the three things he shared was how the awareness of death made him look in the mirror every morning and ask himself if that day would be his last, would he still do what he was about to do? And if the answer was “no” for too many days in a row, he knew he had to change something. Steve used the concept of death as a tool to help him make the big choices in life.

What about you? What if you heard today that you had only one day or week to live, would you still do what you were planning to do? If not, why not? What would you do differently?

You may want to take a deep breath here and reflect on this question some more…

Finally, let’s not mourn Steve’s death but celebrate the wonderful things he brought to the world and always remember his passionate message to live our life to the max.

Carpe Diem!

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