Free Your Energy Through Forgiving

Have you ever considered how much emotional junk you carry around from the past? All the incidents, arguments and fights that you had with people, who at one time or another were important in your life? For some this list is quite long and the incidents still have a major influence on their life as it is limiting the “flow” of their energy. Let me give you a personal example.

When I left high school, I had a big row with my father. I wanted to go to university and he didn’t want to pay for it. Although I didn’t understand his decision, because he could easily afford it, this was not a problem because I could apply for a government grant to fund my studies. No, what triggered the row was his unwillingness to sign off on my application, as confirmation that he didn’t want to give me money, thereby effectively blocking my scholarship.

I felt extremely angry and deeply disappointed because I found his behavior totally unreasonable and unacceptable. And perhaps emotionally even more important, as a son I felt betrayed by him. Dads don’t do things like that; it was unforgivable! As a result, I didn’t speak with him for over ten years.

Can you imagine the energetic impact this had on my life? Much of the interaction I had with my family and even my grandparents became unnatural, e.g. when my children were born, I kept them out as much as I could. In other words, there was no “flow” of energy anymore. In every conversation I had regarding my dad, with whomever, I felt the anger, resentment and disappointment coming back.

This all changed when I was able to forgive him (and myself for my response). The moment I did, the hurt and anger I had felt were gone and the energy that had felt blocked for so long was flowing again. Today, we play golf together and have a lot of fun when we meet each other.

The power of forgiving

Forgiveness is powerful because it is about the realization, acknowledgement and acceptance that what happened helped you grow. Like in my case where my father “forced” me to take responsibility for my own life and as a result, with the successful completion of my studies, I learned to trust my ability to take care of myself, whatever the circumstances; how valuable is that for a life lesson?!

But above all, forgiveness is about the conscious realignment with your true spiritual Self, your Source, which is free of judgment. No wonder that in all spiritual and religious traditions forgiveness plays such an important role.

Helping you to forgive

Although the need to forgive is widely recognized, most people find it difficult to do so. Perhaps that is because they don’t understand that forgiving is not a mental exercise, which would leave the feelings of anger, frustration or resentment intact, but an inner realignment with Source that can be simply facilitated through breathing and music.

To help you with this realignment, you may find the following video helpful. Before you start the video, take a few deep and conscious breaths and think of a person in your life who you would like to forgive. Then watch the video and feel what happens…

Please feel free to share your observations and experiences with forgiving.

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