Entering The Spiritual Doorway More Easily

Why is it so difficult to integrate spiritual teachings in your daily life? I was reminded of this question when the other day I spoke with a friend who had participated in one of my past programs, i.e. “Self Love, The Key to Harmonious Relationships” in which a spiritual understanding of relationships is provided together with all kinds of practical tools to solve relationships issues.

She told me about the problems she was currently experiencing with her ex husband and how helpless she felt with her inability to solve the situation. It seemed as if she had forgotten most of the program.

I could have been frustrated about the apparent ineffectiveness of my program, or consider her a bad student. I did neither because I am the first to acknowledge that in our society it can be quite challenging to apply spiritual teachings in daily life, or to put it differently, to go through the “spiritual doorway.”

You are hypnotized by conventional wisdom

The most important reason why people find it hard to apply spiritual teachings is because most of these teachings bring you concepts and suggestions that are in complete opposite of conventional “wisdom.” Let me give you an example.

Most people see and experience reality as an external environment in which they are confronted with all kinds of challenges and unpleasant situations. When “shit happens” most people see themselves as victims of fate. From an early age we are taught that the best way to live comfortably in this “hostile “environment is to constantly ask yourself what potentially could go wrong in the future and prepare yourself accordingly. The most important tool to help you with this is, of course, your mind.

Spiritual teachings however, emphasize that every individual creates their own reality[1] and that you are therefore never a victim of adverse circumstances. The best way to live comfortably according to these teachings, is to stay in the “now moment,” focus on your energetic balance and allow the universal “law of attraction” to do its work for you. Your most important tool is your energetic vibration, not your mind.

Wow, talking of opposite world views!! BTW, which one do you live by?

It is easy to understand that after 20, 30, or in my case 50 years of social conditioning and rational programming (or “mass hypnosis” as many spiritual teachers call it), it is quite a jump for any “normal” person to embrace such a completely different approach to life. This is beautifully illustrated in a scene from the Matrix movie.

Do you recognize Neo’s challenge? How often have you tried to “jump” spiritually, but failed because you didn’t believe it was possible?

Tips to enter the doorway more easily

I know that many people are eager to walk through the doorway, but at the same time feel frustrated because they are unable to go all the way. Nothing to worry about, you just need to “deprogram” yourself a little more. The following tips may help you with that.

  • When confronted with problems or challenges, look for spiritual inspiration to provide you with a different viewpoint. In the example of my friend, besides talking to a lawyer and see things escalate, why not search the Internet, e.g. YouTube video clips with Abraham, Bashar or Mooji, or others sources that you resonate with, and consider what they have to say on the subject?
  • Allow your feelings and intuition to play a more important role when you are looking for solutions or a direction to take in your life. You only need to ask yourself “what feels good to me?” and follow that feeling, even if it initially seems to go against conventional wisdom. Remember, your initial gut feel is usually right.
  • Become more aware how life is multilayered. Observe how the same event can provide different meaning and experiences to the people that are involved. Just observe because this will give you a firsthand understanding and experience that reality is indeed not what the masses belief it is, and that it is possible to change your view point at any moment in time (also regarding the idea that applying spiritual teachings in daily life is difficult :)).
  • Play more with the spiritual tools and techniques that are being offered to you. You can begin small and experience for yourself that things indeed work differently than conventional wisdom has always wanted you to believe (see for example “A Little Experiment To Consciously Create Your Reality).
  • Finally, be patient and compassionate with yourself. Going through the spiritual doorway is not a competition with others, it is an experience.  Why not enjoy this experience for what it is and stop criticizing yourself for not doing it the “right” way (whatever that is)? Let your inner joy be your guide, not the words or ideas of others, as Mooji emphasizes in the following video.


[1] Although this concept is now also acknowledged by quantum physics, with the so-called “observer effect,” most people have not heard of this, let alone accepted it.

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