The Best Drug I Personally Recommend

I am Dutch, so I know a lot about drugs and use them every day. At least that is what the rest of the world thinks when it comes to Dutch people. I have to disappoint you because my experience with drugs is extremely limited as I only use one. But admittedly, I use this one drug every day and abundantly.

Ah, I can already hear the spiritual veterans say: you mean conscious breathing of course! Yes, I use that too, but breathing doesn’t fit the definition that a drug is something “which is used recreationally to affect the central nervous system for perceived desirable effects on personality, perception, or behavior.”

Advantages of the drug I use

Why am I so positive about this drug that I write about it here and personally recommend it to you? That is simple. This drug, which I have used since my teens, has some huge advantages over other recreational drugs.

  • It comes with an unlimited choice of ingredients to tailor the effect you want;
  • It can be obtained for free;
  • It’s available all over the world and you can use it anywhere;
  • It’s legal and almost all people approve of its usage;
  • It’s the only drug where addiction is not unhealthy.

The only time that this drug can be detrimental is when you use it in extreme doses for a prolonged period of time. In those cases it can cause damage to your membrana tympani, lamina basilaris or the cylia (I bet you have no clue what this is, but belief me it is medically correct:). However, these side effects will never, ever occur with normal usage.

By now you are probably very curious what this wonder drug is. Well…it is music of course.

How to use the drug more effectively

You have probably experienced the power of music already for yourself. How it has an incredible potential to make you feel good, move your energy and even physically and psychologically heal you.

The first time I consciously used music to “heal” myself was when I was about eighteen years old and my very first girl friend broke up with me. I was devastated and I played this Carlos Santana track for days and it greatly helped me overcome my grief. Funny, that while searching on the Internet for a video of this track, which I have always known as “Europa,” I only saw today that its full title is: “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile).” How neat is that?

If you want to use the music drug more effectively, the following insights from Abraham will help you select what type of music serves you best.

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