For Our Own Sake, Let’s Drop Our Prejudices

You would think that after Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, Simon Cowell (Britain’s Got Talent) and the rest of the audience would be a little bit more careful before judging at first glance the people who come on stage. But, with the recent audition of 17 year old Jonathan and 16 year old Charlotte, it happened again and Simon, and probably everyone else that was watching, had their opinion ready before one note was sung.

There is, however, an aspect of Simon in all of us. It’s pretty normal that we judge people or situations without giving it any further thought. It is almost automatic, based upon years of buying into prejudices we as a society have grown together.

Perhaps by now you have become curious about the audition I am talking about so let’s have a look. While doing so, may I invite you to observe yourself, especially at the beginning?

So, did you notice that even with my advance warning, you still at some level “judged” Jonathan before he started to sing? And, how you felt positively surprised when he actually did? Be honest…

Now, let me ask you, how many wonderful opportunities do you think you may have unconsciously missed in your life just because of this type of automatic judgment?

Therefore, for our own sake, let’s use these inspiring examples of Paul, Susan and Jonathan to once and for all drop all our prejudices and thereby allow ourselves to benefit and enjoy the wonderful contributions other people, who perhaps at first glance do not match our expectations, can make in our lives.

p.s. thank you Gabriele for bringing this audition to my attention.

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